Walmart and Funko Join Forces to sell NFT-linked DC Comics

This is a novel idea

Funko is well-known for its pop-culture related big headed collectible figures The company has now teamed up with Warner Brothers and Walmart to sell DC comics that will also be NFT-linked. The comics will come from the “Brave and the Bold” series which includes Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern. 

Each Cover of the comics will be a “phygital” which means the item will have both physical and digital counterparts. A lot of merchandise is using this platform as a way to push sales creating a bridge between web3 and the outside world. 

CEO of Funko Andrew Perlmutter spoke on the opportunity to work with Walmart and the benefits it provides for the future of the company and the technology. He stated how this is a good way to test how the NFT business model can be used to expand into physical retailers. Having the technology being sold in a major retailer such as Walmart can be seen as a major step because it helps move the technology towards more adoption and acceptance. 

The phygitals will be sold in Walmart and the owners can then use the product to connect their wallets to the WAX blockchain and mint their NFT. The sale of these items will begin this October. Funko is no stranger to the web3 market as the company has already successfully implemented a sale of Jay and Silent Bob NFTs that also came with figurines.

The pop culture figurine company joins the ranks of other companies that have used the technology to build upon their communities and join web3. Puma recently joined New York Fashion week and gave real pairs of their shoes to the holders of the NFT. Nike has also been very active in the web3 community, the company has purchased RTFKT and has released multiple NFTs and shoes due to the collaboration. Tiffany and Co. created NFTs that were joined by real jewlery sold at $50K and Prada has release sportswear NFTs with real world offerings. 

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