Solanews is proud to introduce the first of many planned web series entitled WGMI. We plan to share with your valuable insights from the industry’s top players in the NFT field. The goal is to make sure that you are educated on the market and growth of the metaverse. Want to know about utility and how to make the best of your purchase, then this is definitely a panel for you. Our great panel entitled “Keys to Successful NFT launches on Solana”, will focus on the steps one should focus on when launching their own NFT collection.

In this panel, you will hear from some amazing talents in the NFT space on how they produced their collection, how they marketed the project, and more. Here are some of the great minds you will be able to hear from:

Aleksey is one of the Co-creators of Boneworld a 3D modeled NFT project that has an amazing community and brilliant art and people working together to build a project that is constantly growing. The future looks bright for all holders of what is known endearingly as “Skellies.”

One of the most original NFT launches is being held by The Mayor. Controlling things in his virtual town fairly and efficiently. The Neighborhood is a 3D-generated art project that has great potential. Listen to learn how he successfully keeps his community involvement and positive.

Co-Creator of CryptoPets an endearing Augmented Reality NFT project. CryptoPets is quickly on its way to bringing a new way to interact with NFTs and the creation of the Omniverse.

Co-creator of both Digitaleyes and, A2kDeFi.sol is completely bullish on Solana and many projects on the Solana blockchain. Completely altruistic and supportive of all creatives, he is more than willing to impart his knowledge to anyone that is willing to listen.

Afterlyfe is issuing the Alpha Genesis NFT collection as the first step towards building a virtual reality world created using the design principles of sacred geometry to reflect the innate coherence in creation and beauty of mother nature. The end goal is an immersive edutainment platform and sanctuary of knowledge for spirituality, wellbeing, and natural living.

The panel will be hosted by our moderator Alyona Karpinskaya and Editor-in-Chief Ryisan Champion. So we hope you all join us and learn as much as you can! See you there ! WGMI!