Many companies are looking into web3 and NFT technology to push sales and gain more followers as the metaverse continues to grow and become part of today’s society. Companies such as NIKE have seen great success and profit since starting NFT collections

Recently the athletic supply company PUMA has also joined in on the metaverse. The retail fashion company has embraced the technology and has created the Black Station experience. The experience links digital design to physical products via an NFT. The practice of turning an NFT into a tangible product shows a way that brands can use the technology to engage with customers.  This method has been done by various brands- including Prada and American Eagle successfully.

Puma has brought Black Station, its very first metaverse project, out as a part of it’s “Furtograde” show during this year’s New York Fashion Week. The station will include a digital lobby space that will make use of three distinct portals. The first two portals are available now with the third to be open during the fashion week. 

The first two unveil the Nitro NFRNO and Nitro Fastroid sneakers which are also connected to the recent NFT Nitropass mint that was offered by the sports brand. Holders of the Nitropass will be eligible to receive two NFTS, one of which will be tied to a physical product , the other will be tied to a custom experience. After the Futrograde show owners can burn the NFT that is tied to the physical product and receive a physical pair of the sneaker.

The third portal serves as an entry point to the New York Fashion Week metaverse fashion show. Users will interact with the pieces of the collection and view a virtual fashion show thus connecting the virtual event with the real event. 

Puma’s first NFT event was launched this past August 16, 2022 and plans to express the brand’s future of innovation and design.

Adam Patrick , Puma’s Chief Brand Officer spoke on Black Station and how it was necessary to bring it back as a new portal for digital exploration across fashion, sport, and performance. The project not only brings value to the NFT immediately but also bridges the gap between the metaverse and reality as borders are no longer a reason for not being able to participate in the event. 

The Black Station project was created by FTR a creative ventures firm which utilized Unreal Engine 5. The Unreal Engine is utilized to create the most lifelike experience for users of the platform.

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