Lavazza In The Metaverse??

Coffee product manufacturer goes web3.

Lavazza has entered the web3 world with an offering on Roblox. The game is created to bring awareness to the youth of the world regarding issues surrounding deforestation. The metaverse game was born from an earlier “We Are Social” initiative which provided strategy, creative , and production of new ideas.The game was developed by Dubit.

The Lavazza company was founded in Turin in 1895 and has been owned by the same family for generations. The group is one of the major entities in the coffee market and has a turnover of over $2.3 billion USD. The company is active in all business sectors and operates in over 140 markets with 9 manufacturing plants and over 4200 collaborators across the globe. The company has been able to maintain its staying power by investing continuously in research and development which include coffee blends to better packaging. 

The LAVAZZA company set up the non-profit Giuseppe e-Pericle Lavazza Foundation. The foundation was created to coordinate and manage projects focusing on sustainability. Currently this foundation supports and finances 32 projects in 20 counties across three continents. The main purpose of a lot of these projects are focused on better coffee growth and entrepreneurship but lately the project has been more focused on creating reforestation initiatives.

The company released a soccer video game that enables the community to have fun and learn about the extent of damage deforestation causes. The amazon forest loses over a million trees a day according to the game. 

Lavazza is known for dynamic and innovative methods of communicating. The communication of any activity from Lavazza is focused on creating emotional, value-inspired bonds with consumers. The company believes that involving the youth and the newer generations in the conversation is the only way forward to real change. The company does this by making use of many platforms digital, experiential events, music or anything else that can involve social topics relevant to the community.


Lavazza Arena was created to help young people understand and be aware of the serious situation in the Amazon rainforest. Lavazza wants to educated the youth and help them understand the issue. Through Roblox and Lavazza Arena the company hopes to engage the new generation with an entertaining game with straightforward emotionally involved language.

Lavazza Arena is a virtual world. Players explore and discover many different soccer fields. Once in the game the player can start participating in the various areas and play matches. Increasing gameplay increases the amount of greenery in the environment. The game allows for competitions to take play or just free for all practice. There will be a learning area in the virtual Lavazza cafe as well. 

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