Metalinq and BLVCK Paris Bring Interoperable Fashion To The Metaverse

Solanews has had the pleasure of speaking with Metalinq CEO Gaurang Torvekar last month about the Metalinq platform and how it plans to make all metaverse projects intreroperable.In a recent announcement made by Metalinq the company has announced its new collaboration with fashion brand BLVCK Paris.


BLVCK Paris is a fashion brand that specializes in exciting attire that is all black. Founded in 2017 by French designer Julian O’hayon, the company has developed a community of millions worldwide. Earlier this year the company released an NFT collection called the “BLVCK Genesis NFT Collection”. The collection featured NFT avatars donning some of the latest and more creative outfits developed by the BLVCK Paris brand. The project had a lot of support from the blockchain venture operator Coinsilium.

Coinsilium was the first blockchain company to IPO traded on the AQSE Growth Market in London, under the ticker symbol “COIN”, and on the OTCQB Venture Market in the United States under the ticker symbol “CINGF”.The company is a highly regarded innovator with expertise in trade, blockchain technology and commercial use of blockchain technology and assets. The company is also well-known for its proficiency with Open Finance and the NFT arena.

Throughout the BLVCK Genesis NFT, BLVCK Paris has also partnered with pioneer P2E company Hora Games, a play-to-earn gaming company that made a name for itself with the casual game Crypto Idle Miner. The game was launched on the Google Play store and was one of the first P2E games to do so. The game currently has over 700K downloads. The project will now be releasing NFT playable content.

The collection is scheduled for three acts: Phantoms,Shadows, and a third undisclosed act. The membership dashboard is currently available for all who hold its NFTs.

Metalinq breaks the borders that separate metaverse projects and allows for the projects to make great use of the synergy between them. The goal of the company is to make assets native to one platform available in other metaverses, creating a seamless transfer of assets as the user traverses through the multiple metaverses. BLVCK Paris and Metalinq plan to create a collection of digital fashion wearables that can be used on avatars that traverse the multiple virtual realms.

Both Metalinq and BLVCK Paris share a common thread in Coinsilium. The team at Coinsilium has backed both projects and has provided their expertise when it comes to NFT and the metaverse in a consultancy capacity. In speaking of the partnership between Metalinq and BLVCK Coinsilium CEO Eddy Travia had this to say:

We are delighted to note this exciting news today after successfully forging the introduction between the Blvck Paris and Metalinq Labs teams, as part of Coinsilium’s role as Project Advisors. The synergies between Metalinq Labs and Blvck Paris are potentially immense, with fashion being one of the main driving forces leading Metaverse and NFT adoption.  

Coinsilium is also in a great position to benefit, as early backers of both the Blvck Genesis NFT collection and Metalinq Labs. We are hopeful that this partnership between two cutting-edge web3 projects will provide shareholders with a taste of things to come for Coinsilium and the exciting portfolio of projects we are now building and working with.”  

Coinsilium was able to secure an agreement with Metalinq back in July which saw terms that included a Token Purchase Agreement. The blockchain advisor would receive $200K in value of the Metalinq native token $MLINQ. Those tokens will vest over a period of time after the $MLINQ token generation event. Coinsilium is set to offer their strategic advice to the company in return. Metalinq has also promised an airdrop of their native token for all holders of Indorse tokens $IND. Currently Coinsilium holds an amount of $IND tokens as well.

BLVCK Paris has also seen great benefits from cooperating with Coinsilium as the fashion brand has been able to receive astute Web3 strategies for the brand. Coinsilium was also the main backer for the “Genesis Collection” drop of BLACK NFT. 

With the metaverse forming more and more each day and everyone having their own thoughts of what can be done traversing this brave new world is the new advernture, Metalinq, BLVCK Paris, and Coinsilium are prepared to help you do that in style.

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