Chicago Bulls To Reimagine Iconic Logo with NFT

The NBA franchise invited talented artists to redesign the logo

Seems Michael Jordan isn’t the only bull going web3. The Chicago Bulls Franchise has decided to release a new collection of 1-of-1 artwork NFTs later this month. The artwork will be done by some very well-known artists as they are given the mission to reimagine the NBA team’s iconic logo that hasn’t changed since 1966.

The original logo was created by commercial designer Dean Wessel who only gained free tickets to a game for the creation. The NFTs are not meant to be used to replace the logo but rather a celebration of the logo and envision different ways of branding.

Chicago Bulls

Created by Claire Salvo

In what can only be seen as coincidence , or not, the team has collaborated with 23 different artists across the NFT landscape all of which will interpret the logo via their very own artistic medium. There are artists like Michael Salisbury, NoPattern, Bobby Hundreds, Blake Jamieson, Gxng Yxng, and many more.

Artist Claire Salvo who reinterpreted the logo with simple ballpoint pen on paper stated 

“ As a 90s kid, I grew up watching Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman Play, it was an era when pro athletes were also becoming pop culture icons, the team, players, and era are all so nostalgic for me.

Bobby Hundreds Creation

Zoe Rain another artist spoke on what drew her to the project in the first place:

“I am a fan of simple yet impactful bold imagery, the power and stature of the Bull is something appreciated and revered by all cultures”

The collection will be on the Ethereum blockchain and sold exclusively through the Coinbase NFT platform under the title The Aurochs. The collection starts this September 22 with a starting price of 0.2 ETH or around $320. Proceeds from the collection will be split with 40% going to the artists and 40% going to the NBA team. Teh NBA will get 10% of the sales while the other 10% will go to the After School Matters program in Chicago which is a non-profit aimed at creating opportunities to better educate the youth of Chicago.

This is not the Bulls first NFT project as the team has already released a Legacy NFT Collection July of 2021 that represented the six championship rings of the team. The collection offered benefits for holders of multiple NFTs which included the opportunity to meet and greet Bull’s players.

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