Taco Bell Offers Exciting New Wedding Opportunity

Food Chain creates a virtual wedding chapel

Taco Bell is always on the lookout for a new gimmick. The fast food chain has some of the wildest inventions when it comes to food choices such as the Doritos flavored tacos. Currently the company is going in another direction with its first wedding package, yes you read that right. 

Now if you were to ask a woman to get married at a Taco Bell there is a pretty high chance you will get denied, or dumped. That may all change with the new offering from Taco Bell which offers a virtual, legal metaverse wedding.

 The wedding can be planned to your specifications meaning you can decided on the way you walk down the aisle, your first dance , the clothing you wear, and even the menu served in the virtual reception.  There will be NFT wearables that are promised to surpass the imagination, a Taco Bell wedding certificate and Taco Bell swag. The event will be live-streamed and there are special surprise guests promised.

The wedding will only be given to one lucky couple as this is a competition. Couples are invited to enter into competition by submitting a video detailing their love and the story that brought them together. The video is submitted with the hashtag #TacoBellMetaverseWeddingContest and then tagging @tacobell. The competition application deadline is September 6.

The wedding package includes the reception on Decentraland and a legal wedding officiant will be available as well. It is not clear which secret surprise guest will show up but knowing Taco Bell it could be very interesting and zany. 

Once the ceremony is done those guests that are wearing the special attire will be able to join in on a reception as the entire event will be live-streamed. This is not the first time the food chain has delved into the matrimonial market as there is a Taco Bell restaurant in Las Vegas with a wedding chapel inside. This offer is for a virtual version of this initiative.

So ladies and gents now is your time to truly have a wedding that can be remembered, will you be the lucky couple that has one of the first branded multiverse weddings? Head over to the site and apply for the opportunity , good luck and may you have years of happiness!

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