Invesco Joins The Metaverse

Investment Giant all in on web3

Invesco, the global asset manager, has launched a metaverse investment fund titled the Invesco Metaverse Fund. Invesco believes the metaverse is gaining ground in Big Tech circles and beyond and could revolutionize client-provider relationships.

In the announcement the company speaks on the elements of the metaverse that fueled the decision to form the fund. The building of smart relationships, new ways of performance and progress, and profitability were all part of the decision to create the fund and dive into the metaverse.

Smart relationships can be traced back to the epidemic when users were more focused on platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams in order to communicate. These platforms allowed a new way to get jobs done while being remote and many saw the potential of this technology for future use such as communications made in a virtual space.

 A smart relationship is one where the virtual is met with analytics, tools, and diagnostics that enhance upon the communications and builds upon the relationships created by offering revelant insights and data.

Performance and progress comes from innovation. Innovation has always been the driving force behind growth and that aids in the financial sector as well. The financial sector has benefited from the use of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning as data has become the driving force behind each and every investment. AI and ML are valuable tools used by human counterparts to provide financial services that are efficient and complete.

Profits drive business and investment and the metaverse has the potential for lots of profit due to Big Tech and the virtual nature of the metaverse. Bridging the gaps and opening up new avenues of trade and communication will in fact create new avenues for profits and sales as routes that were once closed off are now open and available to anyone that wants to attempt contact.

Invesco has $1.6 trillion in assets under management and the Invesco Management Fund is an investment vehicle that is being actively managed and will focus on a “metaverse value chain.” The project is led by Tony Roberts and James McDermottroe, both of whom are part of the Asia and emerging markets team based in the UK.

The rise of FinTech using AI and ML have created a new area of opportunity for financial services as the sector is facing constant change due to the technology. The Global Head Of Thought Leadership of Invesco , Dr. Henning spoke on how the pandemic functioned as an accelerant of change.

With the pandemic functioning as an accelerant of change, more and more people are now availing themselves of financial services. In the arena in which I work, asset management, we are increasingly witnessing the democratization of investing. The likes of blockchain, tokenization and Open Finance are redefining the possible on an enormous scale.” – Dr Henning Steing, Invesco

The Invesco Metaverse Fund will focus on next -gen computer systems, metaverse accessible hardware and device creation, networks or hyper connectivity, immersive platforms created with AI, Blockchain initiatives, interchange tools for interoperability, and services and assets that facilitate the digitization of the real economy.

The fund will invest in different sized companies all based in the US, Asia, and Europe. Those companies that contain stocks that help facilitate, create, or benefrom from the growth of immersive worlds will be considered or included.

Invesco is a firm that is about profits and the company does see projections for profitability. There are currently 1.07 billion. metaverse users and that confirms that the platform is in our society and here to stay. Crypto has made changes to interact and grow with the metaverse and multiple banks and financial companies such as PayPal and Mastercard have joined as well.

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