20 DApps find home on Sentre

Sentre holds the claim as the first dApp store on Solana.  The platform has a vision that is clearly explained through their “Moon Map.” The company started back in 2020 with four pillars, investing, trading, optimizing liquidity, and wealth management. The Senhub was created for developers and a Sen Academy was created to educate free of charge.The platform has now begun its run with an impressive collection of partners.

Recently Sentre has announced that companies such as Lido, Solend, and DeFi Land have joined them on the Sen Store. More of these companies are joining the store after the update and increase in convenience of the Sen Store experience.

The Sen store is part of Sentre’s ecosystem

The store connects all DeFi dApps with a unified experience and serves as an all-in-one area for decentralized finance and information. There are numerous applications that have been created for the Solana blockchain and the Sen Store puts them all conveniently in one place. This makes it easier for users to find the dApp they need and helps them be more effective with the use.

There are many features that benefit new and veteran crypto users. Categories are vast as they range from GameFi, earning tokens or NFTs, cheaper trading options, farming for profit , and more.The platform is focused on Solana dApps as some are officially built for the Sen platform by Sentre’s partners that are made and integrated by Sentre teams or individual developers.

There are a five main categories when it comes to Sentre dApps. Utility dApps are those with native solutions to aid users and the communities created by developers, these projects can have various uses from aiding in the purchase of NFT to making airdrops easier for project leads. If there is a utility need then a dApp for this category could be found here.

Liquidity is another category. These dApps provide the user with the ability to seamlessly exchange tokens into other forms of crypto or fiat. These dApps such as Solend or Lido provide users with ways to make their gains accessible or transferable.

DAO dApps are available as well. A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization . This is a structure with no central authority, members own a token that gives them the power to vote on initiatives that are carried out via a smart contract.

The last two categories are Privacy and Games. Currently the platform has Otter Cash as a privacy layer and there are a few games such as DeFi Land and Mini Royale Nations on the platform.The Sen Store plans to continue growing and finding more partners to add to the marketplace.

The plan is for the Sen Store to be a complete shop where you can play games, earn tokens, purchase NFTs, trade with lower fees, farm and stake for profit, join a DAO and even more . Anything that can be done on Solana could be done on the Sen Store, simply connect your wallet and go.

The store allows for customization of the UI to make things more efficient for each individual user by changing the background theme and rearranging the icons to your specifications. You like gaming more than anything, no problem just simply make the game icons be the main focus of the shop, Financial more your thing, get the liquidity apps and place them in a more strategic position. It is easy to add and remove apps from an individual Sen Store page thus adding to the efficiency of the platform and streamlining Solana dApp use.

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