A brand new charming NFT is about to sell out

These NFT are hand drawn and have a very familiar and cool aesthetic

Putting the Star in Solana


Imagine being in the metaverse and having an avatar that resembles your favorite celebrity, now imagine that same avatar drawn in the lovable adapted style of the citizens of the hit sitcom South Park. Though SolStars may not have any affiliation with the show the inspiration is made clear. SolStars is the new lovable NFT that is coming to you and the art is not only amazing but crystal clear.

Solstars has a simple mission that is stated right at the top of their page -” Let’s run a little experiment. Drop 500 popular figures who have shaped the world as we know it on the Solana blockchain and let the decentralised public decide their value.” Society as a while will decide the value of these NFT based on what they believe the value of the person they represent holds in society. Imagine an Obama SolStar, how much do you think it would be worth?


No overkill


The creators of the project believe in scarcity and will not flood the market with the typical 10,000 nft. The initial (and maybe only ) offering is of 500 hand-drawn NFT ,purposely made in this amount to insure that each NFT is unique and the value given to the art is fair. The best part is the price, the initial price of each SolStar runs from .5 SOL to 5 Sol, plenty of opportunity for buyers, that being said, the amount of Solstars left is dwindling by the minute. Another awesome method the creators are using is to not drop all of the NFT at the same time , usually when there is a big drop the network gets congested or the purchase fees ( read gas fees for Ethereum) get way to hire to even warrant a purchase.

SolStars are sold 2 to 3 times a week and at a certain time, usually designated on their twitter. By doing the sales in waves the creators have ensured the demand, and taken steps to make sure there is no congestion- very intelligent indeed. The NFT are also available to provide a 7% resale royalty to the owners of the NFT.




The “experiment” is one that we at Solanews find intriguing and can’t wait to see the results of. There are some amazing SolStars in the project such as Beyonce, Deadpool, even Jesse Pinkman! Once all 500 of the SolStars are in circulation the creators plan to release holographic NFT and even merged NFT ( Think the Hulk and Beyonce having a baby.) If you are looking for a very inspired, whimsical NFT that may prove to be very lucrative Solstars is definitely a project that you should take a look at. The best place to start would be to find their twitter at  and explore the world the creators have created for you!


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