There is no denying , one glance at the artwork and you will be

This project has a very well moderated and protected community.

Go Ahead Be A Bonehead For Once


Lately, there have been many projects made in the NFT space, not many have been able to catch our attention here at Solanews. That all changed today with the launch of Boneworld, an NFT project with great visions for the future. The art is both futuristic and adorable with inspirations clearly taken from artwork seen in Spanish traditional Dia de Muertos paintings and artwork. The characters are 3-D rendered and each skull is given a trait that ranges from
common to legendary. By going on their Twitter and website you can clearly see the artists knew how to create eye-catching and exciting art for their project. Currently, the minting process has started and the community is more than
excited. There was an original plan to mint the 10,000 that they originally created but through masterful thought and with the hopes of protecting the community they built they decided to lower it to over 5,000. This showcases the extreme care that the team of 9 has for the massive community they have built. By going on the Boneworld Discord you can feel the absolute excitement about this project.


Into The Unknown


There are so many NFT projects out in the DeFi sphere at the moment that many projects can get lost without some real hype put behind them. The term used is “being slept on” which primarily means that buyers have missed out on an amazing opportunity or just don’t pay attention to something that could very well be life-changing. The project has seen some real growth within their community and at the time of this article, more than half the amount intended for minting has been claimed. This all bodes well for the project and ensures the buyers that there is no intention for what can be called a “rug pull” which is when money is taken and then the project immediately dies or falls apart.


Great Artwork



There is no denying, one glance at the artwork and you will be enticed by the amazing detail that has been put into each and every single “Skellie.” There are some really great ones out there and if you are lucky you can end up with some amazing ones( There are some with their brains hanging out from the top that are amazing), The artwork, the environments, all are made to give you the feeling that you have purchased a piece of work that was definitely carefully crafted and had the heart of the artist involved.


There are many NFT projects out and some you can instantly see are cash grabs by the quality of their so-called art. Boneworld does not have that feeling, instead, you can be proud to place your NFT on a wall or even on your watch as a face, go ahead show it off, and feel proud that you actually have a wonderful project to display.


A Close-knit Lovable Community


There are many communities on Discord, Twitter, and rest that blow up immediately during the launch of a new NFT and it usually involves a lot of toxic buyers or people trying to instill fear and disillusionment (nicknamed FUD). The Boneworld creators had a clear vision in mind, one that involved a community that was true to its beliefs in the project and what the future holds for it. Toxic buyers or people who were planning to just flood the market and then run with the NFT to resell were left behind due to the brilliance and care placed on the moderation of the community and the project as a whole.


The moderators of the Discord are the creators themselves and unlike many of the other NFT communities around, these creators are active participants in the chat. They laugh, joke, and answer as many questions as possible as well as entertain direct messaging from fellow “Skellies.” There is a very clear connection between the creators and their buyers providing everyone with a sense of security and belonging. That in essence is what is the most important part of any new NFT drop- the sense of belonging. The value of the purchase is not in the art completely but in what it brings with it, and Boneworld aims to bring a sense of belonging and a promise of future evolution.


The creators are full of heart and their belief in their community shows. The amount of altruism and respect they show their community members shows in everything they do. Initially, the creators wanted to do a presale but determined that was unfair to all of the other members of the community so the creators decided on the process that is used now for the minting and rewarding the original people who helped build the community with what they call Boneworld Pets, which are basically pets that would be found in the world created by the creators. The pets are not out yet and the list is already full but it was one way that the creators showed love to their community.


This would not be the only act of pure love that the creators shared, recently due to the halving of the minting amount the creators decided that it would be unfair to continue, lower the price, and then not reward those that already paid the higher price for minting. Instead, the creators decided to reward the original purchasers with another NFT and then lower the price for newer entrants to participate. This decision was made by actually listening to the community as a whole and making a decision that was meant to be for all. In this writer’s opinion- there is no better project than one that is full of heart.


Utility Is Speciality


The entire purpose of Boneworld NFTs is to provide utility for the purchase. The best type of NFT is one that has a use to it, not just something you can look at. The Boneworld NFT is meant to be used with the metaverse, virtual reality, and even augmented reality. Imagine traversing the metaverse as your “Skellie” seeing that new world as your purchase moving and living in that virtual world.


There is a plan to take the original “Skellies” and evolve them into another level of “Skellie” that is rarer than before, thus more valuable as well. The process is to ensure the rarity of the project and thus secure the buyer into their investment, it’s a strong and well-thoughtout strategy that we at Solanews believe will be the template for many more NFTs to follow in order to be successful.


Unrealized Potential


There are many projects out there and an absolutely staggering amount that is yet to come, which leads to many projects being lost in the wind. As we speak there are more and more projects being proposed to the masses, honestly it would be a shame if this wonderful project were to go unnoticed for the high-quality NFT that it is. Boneworld has a lot going for it, great art, great community, a great plan, and great utility. If you are in this project congratulations you have weeded through the chaff and found a real gem in this writer’s own personal opinion. The content of this article, analysis, report or webpage is not investment advice and does not constitute any offer or solicitation to offer or recommend any investment product. This content is for general purposes only and does not take into account your individual needs, investment objectives and specific financial circumstances. The author may hold digital assets mention in this report Remember


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