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Gaming on DeFi is the new way to make an extra incomeю

Gaming on multiple blockchains is much like gaming on multiple platforms today.

Games to make money with


Gaming has had its fair share of the lucrative limelight. With the introduction of YouTube and Twitch gamers were able to make very large amounts of money if they built a good following and built on their brand. There have been many players who have transformed their lives and become pseudo-celebrities. Players like PewDiePie and Mr. Beast all amassed their millions appealing to the younger, game-oriented masses. In today’s society, there are even more ways to make money while gaming, and doing that on the blockchains of today is no different.

There are many ways to play to earn now, and as the metaverse looms even closer, the ways to play will only become more diverse. Many people in the know will of course know of the game Axie Infinity, the game that has amassed over $2 Billion in sales of their pokemon-Esque NFT that are used in virtual battles online for their proprietary tokens AXS and SLP. Today playing these games tends to lead would-be future millionaires to their platforms in hopes of becoming the next gaming icon and a fortune hunter.


Which platform do you play on?


Playing games on the crypto blockchains is much like gaming on multiple platforms today. In the gaming world, you either play on PC or console, if it consoles you either play for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, or some other smaller company. Here in the DeFi space, you make your choice based on blockchains, some having more benefits than others.


The Games and their Blockchains


Let’s talk about the King of the DeFi gaming space, for now, Axie Infinity. Axie has seen massive success with its sales and token offerings. The company Mavis has sold over $2 billion in NFT and there are no signs of it slowing down. The game is built upon the Ethereum network, the strongest network next to bitcoin. Multiple projects have been built upon the Ethereum network and Mavis has taken full advantage of the massive following that Ethereum has. The game does have to deal with the constant changes in gas prices so that may be a bit of a draw when it comes to playing, not only that but the entry into playing is very steep and some players have even seen their NFT stolen after purchase.

On the Binance smart chain, there are Cryptoblades. The Binance network has its token called BNB and they also have a SKILL token that is purchased and used in the game. Players will play the game to earn the SKILL tokens to purchase newer weapons and gear for future play. The players will also be given the ability to sell their gear, weapons, and players for money and more tokens.

Another game on the Binance smart chain is the game Plants vs Undead ( a blatant call to the popular Plants vs. Zombies game on mobile phones.) The game runs a GVC token on the BSC ( Binance Smart Chain) and players are required to spend a small amount of BNB to play.

The Polygon mainnet has a multitude of smaller games as well but none as big as Axie. There is the racing game Revv Racing which lets you compete in online races once you have bought an NFT car from Opensea. Once you have purchased your car you can compete in the races via traditional 3D racing arcade-style action! You can even use your controller to play! Polygon has many amazing small projects that could net the player some potential big gains.

As stated in one of our other articles “Star Atlas” Solana has a massive new game in the works that are meant to be as in-depth as it is enticing. Star Atlas uses Unreal Engine and promises a world that is fully explorable and adventures that are on par with those had on consoles. Another game to look out for is Aurora which takes its inspiration from old-school JRPG games. The future of gaming on Solana is looking very bright as well.

At the time of this writing, the Tezos network does not have any offerings but Ubisoft is said to be working with Tezos to discover any avenues for gaming. A company like Ubisoft making a game for anyone is big news as they have a very successful track record and catalog of games. The future of Tezos could be one of the brightest in the Play-to-Earn community.

No matter what network you put your faith into there will be a way to play on it. The metaverse looms ever closer to us and each offering brings us one step closer to that brave new world. Gaming is different, in the beginning, days of gaming parents would state that gaming rots the mind, is a waste of time, and nothing good could come of it. Now, in today’s ever-changing society, that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Gaming can be lucrative, it can be a way to help get out of debt, it can be a freeing experience and for some lucky players, it can make them wealthy.

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