Imagine figting it out in an arena with your own personalized Avatar.

Inspired by Street Fighter and Tekken these NFT are set to open up the Play-to-earn sector.

Test Your Might

The time of battling cute, furry, blobs with eyes is over. Do you want a real battle? Do you want to feel what victory can be like in more capable hands? SolFighters is here and there is an excitement that is all too palpable felt within the Solana NFT climate. The utility has always been a deciding factor when it comes to the purchase of an NFT and the creators of SolFighters are here with an idea that pays homage to one of the most prolific gaming genres in our time- the fighting game.

For years the fighting genre has been dominant in the gaming community. Games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Dragonball, Guilty Gear, and especially Mortal Kombat have made massive impacts on society as a whole. Each game has gone on to create even more success in various other forms of media such as comics, movies, and even television series. The fighting genre is here to stay and the average gamer has at least played one fighting game in their lifetime. There are so many fighting games to choose from but none are more iconic than the main three-Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Tekken.

A Future Beyond Utility

In looking at the Solfighters webpage you can tell the inspiration is from these iconic games. The creators are obvious fans of the genre and have very carefully, and lovingly created characters that are just as amazing as the original inspirations. The characters are not only based on games like Street Fighter but instead, use that inspiration to create avatars that in their rights could be just as iconic. Upon glancing on the website you can see that each character and their rarity is based upon a certain class of character. You have humans, mutants, aliens, cyborgs, and legendaries. We here at Solanews of course are partial to the legendaries but the Cyborgs bring Dragonball Z era Freeza and Cooler vibes that just cannot be denied.

So what can you do with this NFT? Lots of NFT must offer some type of utility to stay relevant and keep the buyer happy, thankfully the creators have been very generous with their information and honest. The plan for SolFighters is a fighting game a la Street Fighter that would be play-to-earn. Imagine your character with their special attack that no other character would have battling it out with another owner for supremacy and being paid to have that amazing amount of fun! There is more to the idea, however. The creators not only want to make the game like Street Fighter but also incorporate elements of Tekken in it as well. The 3D base model printable files will be made available to the buyer and the creators will also send a total of 10 lucky winners (corresponding with each NFT) a full 1/1 toy collectible, creating an actual tangible NFT, such an amazing idea.

Standing Out

Consistency and transparency are two critical aspects to the creators of SolFighters- there is a strong push towards consistent engagement through their various platforms. The Discord server right now is full of exciting fighters racing to get to the whitelist title to be one of the first adopters of the project. The project offers a very lucrative resale royalty value of 4.30%-very generous indeed.

This project stands out from the rest of the NFT. There is a complete roadmap and plan for the utility and ongoing life of the project. Many people outside of the NFT sphere don’t understand the actual point of buying art like this. Adding the utility of play-to-earn, which has proven very lucrative and beneficial, only brings out the best in a project. If the creators of SolFighters come through with their plans, this could change the lives of many buyers and be a game you see in competitions like EVO. With a game like SolFighters, everyone can learn about the power of games and DeFi gaming.

There are many projects out now, so many projects are promising and some are just using gimmicks to create revenue. The worst of the bunch are those that come , take the buyers money, and then disappear. From the community, developers and the entire amount of effort put into the project, it is clear that SolFighters is definitely a project to look out for , respect, and be confident in. You can find out more about SolFighters on their website, their Twitter, or their Discord.

Simply Beautifull

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