The “Google” of the Solana blockchain

Playdust is here. The project is a Solana blockchain search engine used to aid collectors , creators, and retail users in their quest to understand the blockchain more. The new project was founded in 2021 by Stan Prokopenko-creator of which is a leading online art education platform.

The platform boasts being the best search and discovery experience in the web3 space as it is the first marketplace built fully on top of a blockchain. The team at Playdust state the platform has the richest infusion of information to aid in all of your decision making, calling it the “Google” of the Solana blockchain.

Currently the project is being touted as a tool for searching and researching NFT projects. NFTs are placed on the database as soon as they are minted via their metadata. 

The team is working on many features of the program for those that want to use it in their NFT purchase decision-making. With automatic authentication the team at Playdust hopes to alleviate any issues with users trying to verify authenticity of an asset, this will be data-driven instead of verifying the entire collection like marketplaces are accustomed to doing currently.

Permission-less listing provides ways for new creators to be found , a more decentralized approach that approves and lists NFTs and collections in real-time instead of waiting for a manual verification by a centralized marketplace.

Playdust also allows tabbed and fuzzy searches which allow for multiple search pages live at the same time allowing the user to query an cache multiple collections at the same time, the searches also do not need to be exact- meaning if a user just searches using “sombrero hats” the results will show any and all collections that feature the trait.

The platform intends to set itself up for the future of all things NFT which will eventually see itself as a platform for tickets, music, certificates, identity etc. The Playdust platform intends to empower creators and give them new ways to be discovered. The team at Playdust has also begun an incubator that is intended to help certain talented NFT creators enter the market.

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