Bravo Ready

Shoot to loot Play to Earn

Bravo Ready has secured a financial backing of $3.9 million in fiat and crypto as seed support for building their battle royale shooter BR1:Infinite Royale.  The game is the flagship Solana based video game that combines tech for web3 and traditional gaming allowing users to earn SOL  for every kill they make in game with their purchased NFT avatars.

The co-founder and CEO of Bravo Ready is Evan Ryer. A gamer in his youth Ryer grew up loving online role-playing games like RuneScape, World of Warcraft, and Rust but didn’t see a real return on the investment of time. In an interview with BetaKit Ryer stated “ The biggest problem with these games…is it’s truly a waste of time.” The CEO spoke on how a player could spend thousands of hours on a game only to have nothing to show in return, stating how he believes players should be rewarded with some form of liquidity for the time they spend on a game.

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan is also a believer in paying players for their time. Kan is co-founder of a platform that gets players paid and famous and has also created a new NFT marketplace called Fractal that builds on web3 gaming and offers players a way to play games that require an NFT without having to purchase it themselves. Mr. Kan joined 6th Man Ventures and Shima Capital in a seed round of investors for Bravo Ready. The financing was done using a SAFE with a token warrant that enables investors to acquire a Bravo Ready token if it becomes available.

The game is not entirely new as it did indeed launch earlier this year but the crash in crypto , resulting in over $2 trillion USD being lost and a flatline in NFT sales has caused the game to take a huge decrease in the sale of the game’s NFTs and new participants. The market conditions currently do not bother Ryer as he believes this new low will be beneficial to users and the company in the long run. 

Ryer is not afraid to speak his mind, stating that the NFT market is flooded with random, no utility, no value projects which have done damage to the trading space of NFTs. He cited that this flooding has led to a huge resentment towards NFTs in general and combined with FUD making it a perfect storm that could damage the ecosystem alltogether.

There are lots of play to earn games lately but many users state that most of the games just seem burning or lacking in substantial material to merit constant play. Gamers are also wary of issues with some of these games ever since Axie Infinity was robbed of $600 million worth of crypto directly from the accounts of the players. All of this leads has led to many wondering what the future of this tech could actually look like.

Bravo Ready wants to bring play to earn to battle royale. The genre of gameplay has been made popular by games such as Player Unknown and Fortnite but those games usually cost money to play satisfactorily, BR1 hopes to reward players for their time. The game does however have an “entry fee” requirement for each time you spawn in. Each time you kill an opponent you can either win their entry fee or 10% of the spoils they had on them at the time of the kill.

Currently the team is small with only 18 members but the funding will be used to help grow the team in time for the development and launch of the desktop version with a mobile version possibly to follow.

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