Onboarding A Billion

The quest to bring more to crypto

Crypto has its ups and downs and currently the downs are keeping everyone …well down. The web3 and crypto world is one of volatility and speculation but would benefit from more adoption and understanding.  What many think is the growth of crypto and web3 vastly depends on the amount of people willing to adopt the technology behind it and what is being offered. 

Anatoly Yakavenko the Founder of Solana Labs has plans to attempt drawing more users to crypto. The pied piper had a magical flute that lured mice and children anywhere that he wanted them to go, Yakavenko has a cellular device.

The device in question is the SAGA phone that is being developed with the Solana Mobile Stack software implemented on top of the latest Android OS. The phone aims to make the management of digital assets as seamless as transactions with Apple Pay. He imagines users buying and selling NFTs with one finger or facial recognition, making trades or jumping into a new IDO with the same process.

In speaking with the Bankless YouTube channel he spoke on how he envisions the platform compared to Apples native payment system.

“Every time I use Apple Pay, I don’t [have] to enter another credit card ever again. I’m like ‘this doesn’t suck,’ [and] I want the same experience for crypto.”

At the time of this writing there are more than 2.5 Billion Android users and Anatoly believes he can tap into that market and onboard at least half of that population.

The device is set to have a $1000 price point putting it in direct competition with Apple, Samsung, and other flagship devices. The phone was unveiled in June and will see delivery early 2023

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