Playboy joins web3

The playboy mansion goes live on The Sandbox

The playboy mansion has been an iconic staple of American culture. The iconic landmark has held multiple celebrities, parties, and fashion events. Getting into the parties or events has been reserved for the rich, the famous, or the incredibly lucky, which can now change as the landmark home will be unveiled in a metaverse version on The Sandbox.

In an announcement on Tuesday, July 12, 2022 Playboy announced penetration into the metaverse with the “MetaMansion” on The Sandbox. The MetaMansion will feature mini-games, digital collectibles, and organized events all inspired by Playboy and its 70+ year history. The NFT collection will be part of a creator platform dubbed Centerfold which will include experiences on the metaverse all in an effort to establish the company’s presence on web3.

The MetaMansion will also have a plot of land right next to it on sale for one person to “live” right next to the home in the metaverse. Snoop Dogg’s home in “Snoopverse” on The Sandbox offered the same opportunity with an investor purchasing the land next to Snoops for $450,000

Playboy release and the Rabbitars NFT project back in October of 2021 consisted of 11,950 bunny rabbit avatars sold for $800. The release of the MetaMansion is part of an effort to expand upon the momentum built when that project launched.

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