Polygon selected for Disney web3

Disney is ready to build for web3 and the metaverse

Disney has an accelerator program and while the house of the mouse may not have any crypto projects in-house, many crypto companies are a part of its accelerator program, which is open to venture-backed growth-stage startups. The accelerator for this year is focused on developing and implementing technology in AR, AI, and NFTs.

During the program participants will be given investment capital, access to space for co-working at the Disney Los Angeles Creative Campus, and metro support and guidance from Disney execs, investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from Disney tech and entertainment sectors.

One of the major crypto companies in the accelerator program has been announced as Polygon. The blockchain will participate in the 2022 version of the program. In a Twitter tweet, the blockchain company announced how they are a part of the program captioning the tweet with “Disneyfeels” as a hashtag.

Though many crypto projects are part of the program Polygon was the only blockchain chosen for the experience with the number of blockchain applicants unknown. The blockchain is being joined in the program by Flickpay a web3 social media app, AI project Inworld, storytelling platform Lockerverse, AR company Red6, and an experimental e-commerce company named Obsess.

The Polygon blockchain was created to address some of the issues seen on the Ethereum chain such as poor user experience, limited throughput, and high fees. The platform is scaling and interoperable and helps to build Ethereum-compatible blockchains.

The accelerator program continues Disney’s tradition of using technology to build more experiences and improve and create new ways of entertaining the fans of Disney.

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