Solana x Jump Hacker Houses initiate European Tour

Solana Summer is here

Solana Summer is here and developers are going through this season by building new projects on the blockchain. The new Solana x Jump Hacker houses are underway and the successful series has thousands ready to join and build on Solana.

The series is a weeklong event in each of its destinations giving developers a place tomeet, learn, collaborate, and create the next generation of projects built for web3. The support of Jump foundation has helped the hackathon move to other areas of the world and currently there is a European tour. The tour will go from Danube to Thames offering a one-of-a-lind opportunity for education, networking, and mentorship opportunities.

The tour is going strong and the rest of the itinerary can be seen below:

15–19 July 2022 Paris France

3–7 August 2022 Krakow, Poland

24–28 August 2022 Stockholm, Sweden

The Solana Foundation has also announced Solana Hacker House X which is an event that is community-driven and will offer a series for builders and members that were inspired by grassroots events, something akin to mtnDAO. Grassroots events like this are projects hosted by members from around the world. Anyone can initiate a hacker house with the help of The Solana foundation. One of the first community run Hacker House X events was AthensDAO which was hosted by Grape Protocol, that event was this past May.

There are more events that are coming soon and those that want to create their own also have the ability to do so via the Hacker House X initiative

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