Play To Earn On Solana

Gaming on blockchains has seen massive growth since Axie Infinity has grown from 30,000 players to more than 2 million today and a current sales cap of more than $3.6 billion USD. Currently there are 1,200 blockchain games and 70 new games are added monthly. Most blockchain games make use of NFT assets that can be collected and traded, it is this part of blockchain gaming that makes playing profitable. The latest appeal of NFT and the NFT trade has made blockchain games very enticing for many. As most of these games require gamers to own NFTs to play. This way of earning is very lucrative for game studios, marketplaces, guilds and gamers themselves.

Gaming on blockchains has provided many people with different ways of making money, developing games, and trading NFTs. Daily gamers can make a living from playing, and for those gamers who cannot afford to buy the initial NFTs there are game guilds which support gamers through NFT lending and share the gamers’ revenues in return.

Gamers mostly play games running on proprietary consoles or PCs. Those games can be known as centralized games, mainly governed by the game studios and the console makers. Blockchain games usually have decentralization features whereby the game governance and decisions can be made by the players. In-game assets become the property of the player who can decide whether to upgrade, trade assets or perform other actions based on available opportunities. We have extensively covered games such as Axie Infinity and Star Atlas in various articles here on Solanews.

The future of gaming seems to be one geared towards the ‘Play-to-Earn’ model and providing earning opportunities to gamers seems to be the only direction for games in the future to find a market. Since the inception of websites like (now an Amazon service), gamers have found monetizing gameplay as a potential source of income. To be able to make money while doing something considered by most as a hobby is a dream for many.

The future of gaming is on course to become something completely different. As a child my parents told me playing games is a complete waste of time. Now the future looks like playing games could very well become a lucrative profession. The metaverse will make that even more of a reality and there are many who cannot wait to see it come to fruition.

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