Blockchain Gaming’s “Kickstarter”

Gaming NFTs are getting a new marketplace called Fractal. This marketplace is created by “serial entrepreneuer” Justin Kan who is a Co-founder of the game streaming network Twitch. The goal is to find a future where NFTs mean more than tradable art.


Fractal will take advantage of the current growth of blockchain gaming and their play-to-earn titles. The goal is to allow users to shop for goods and assets that can be used to play the games. Lately the biggest games require the ownership of at least one asset in order to enter into the gameworld. Games like Axie require a user to have at least three little monsters resulting in a minimum of $630-$700 for entry. Aurory which is a game based on the Solana blockchain already has their NFT with a incredibly high floor and an average sale price of 25 SOL. This would make it difficult for first time adopters to even have a chance at playing the game.

The idea of fractal at the moment is to become sort of the “Kickstarter “ of blockchain gaming. The goal is to provide gamers a way to buy NFTs for games ahead of launch that would help fund the creation of games in the future using those assets.

Perfect for gaming

This year has seen some amazing growth for the Solana blockchain with the SOL coin going from $2 to $250 before dropping to its price of $156.86 at the time of this writing. The network , even with it’s growing pains, is still on track to become the biggest ethereum competitior, with many believing that Solana is the future of blockchain gaming.

To have a marketplace like Fractal shows the absolute growth of blockchain gaming and the many other avenues of business creation available due to that growth. With a marketplace dedicated solely to gaming assets, Fractal will provide the users with a definitive space to collect, sell, and profit.

The project is founded by four industry veterans and serial entrepreneurs in gaming and e-commerce: was previously co-founder of Twitch. Robin Chan, was the founder of XPD Media which was acquired by Zynga. David Wurtz, was co-founder of Google Drive and an advisor to Shopify and Mike Angell, a twenty year e-commerce veteran who was previously at Fast and Shopify.The team behind Fractal knows business and they know gaming, its a recipe for success.

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