LG ventures into the metaverse 

Plans include a television that issues and trades NFTs

The metaverse continues to grow on the minds of companies and consumers. With an incomplete definition , the metaverse is able to be whatever anyone wants it to be. More firms and corporations continue to warm up to the idea of using the metaverse in some form. 

The electronics giant LG is now on the metaverse bandwagon and has constantly been considering new ways to implement the technology into their offerings.  Recently NFTs have been a major draw for many projects and investors. LG is focusing on the metaverse by filing NFT trademarks for the LG ART LAB.

The NFT application was filed on July 14 and states the plans of LG to offer software for their TVs that allow for NFT transactions, brokerage of digital tokens, and wealth management.The plans will also allow for payment via e-wallet payment services which will also allow for electing money exchange in the metaverse.

LG is no stranger to NFTs, the company has already released other products in the sector. The company has transparent OLED TVs that have allowed the work of Refik Anadol to be displayed. The NFT collection utilized videos audio and health data.

LG has always had competition in the form of Samsung and that has not stopped with this web3 revolution. The competition has also introduced an NFT platform for its TVs allowing for the purchase of NFTs.

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