NFT holders under threat

Yuga labs issues dire warning.

Days after another NFT marketplace was hacked and perpetrators got away with $400K  and more than 300 NFTs Yuga Labs decided to issue a warning to those that hold NFTs.

The company brought to light the fact that there is a “persistent threat group” that targets those in the NFT commmunity through the use of compromised social media accounts. The team at Yuga Labs stated they have a security team that is on the lookout for this threat and has urged the community to be vigilant and safe.

This is not the first time a warning has been issued by Yuga Labs. Back in June the co-founder of Yuga Labs Gordon Goner (not real name of course) spoke on the issues and possible incoming attacks using the very method that these persistent threat groups are using. This warning was followed by Twitter monitoring activity on certain accounts and fortifying security.

Surprise mints are tools used by scammers to take assets away form unsuspecting victims and Gordon Goner also spoke on that tactic and how his team would never have a surprise mint.

Certain Discord groups linked to BAYC were compromised when scammers shared various phishing links to members of the community, these were the official Discords of BAYC Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Otherside 

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