WEYU joins with Zilliqa for free NFTs

WEYU is a multi-chain NFT platform and currently has signed on with a deal with Zilliqa to provide easy access to NFT.

Multi-chain means that the platform does not just work on one platform, instead users of multiple chains can connect to the platform and make purchases or sales. Layer 1 blockchains like Zilliqa offer greater interoperability and adds value and utility to NFTs that go well beyond the basic use of a normal platform.

The partnership of the two companies plans for more adoption of NFTs and making the technology open to more users.

WEYU has a Yu Launch tool that will help Zillow become very powerful. Utilizing Zilliqa’s already unique,scalable, secure platform for building dApps and partnering that with the ability of WEYU to build purpose-built methods to drive adoption of NFTS. The platform will allow for easy access to create and manage all digital assets including NFTs.

WEYU is responsible for using the partnership to create a tool named YU Launch designed for Zilliqa which will make creation easier and subsequently bring more creators to the platform. The Yu Launch tool allows creators to create a NFT for free and within minutes.

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