Do Kwon States Twitter Persona Was Just Created For Entertainment Value

Terra Co-founder states he got carried away


Do Kwon spoke in an interview from an undisclosed location during a recording of the Unchained Podcast. The persona developed over time and it was “largely for entertainment value” as per a statement made by Do Kwon.

Do Kwon stated that he is well aware of the industry rhetoric and how what he was doing is called “shitposting.” In looking back at his aggressive tweets the co-founder of the now dead Terra and Luna stated that he could have been wrong.

"In retrospect I should have held myself to a more stringent standard"

Do Kwon states his way of talking was in response to how others talked on “Crypto Twitter” essentially stating he was peer pressured into being the way he was online.

“Just because there’s anonymous cartoon characters that are , shall we say, more liberal with the words they are using, does not mean that I should have followed suit”

The ex co-founder spent a lot of time on the recording speaking about how he would have done things differently and stating he had some regret on how things were handled and the way he said things but did state that he has no intention of removing the old posts from his twitter profile. 

A history of belligerence 

A look at Do Kwon’s Twitter will surely paint a rather negative image of the co-founder who is now on the run. The tweets don’t necessarily paint a very pretty picture of the gentleman as he can seem quite rude and heartless. There are tweets where he calls his critics poor :


where he makes death threats to other tokens and their communities:

and more examples easily accessed from his twitter that show a person completely different from the picture he is trying to portray on the podcast.

Terra’s collapse did immeasurable damage to many investors, professional and retail and his attitude towards the situation comes off as one that is not really interested in taking responsibility. 


Twitter Hermit

Since the fall of his ecosystem Do Kwon has been less vocal on Twitter only showing up to make “clarifications” or rebuttals against any accusations.  Kwon has expressed how reports of him on the run are false and denied any truth to having assets frozen by South Korean Prosecutors. 

Currently Kwon has a red notice out on him meaning that all police are meant to work together to find and apprehend him, at this moment he has still not been captured but others in his circle have, the question at this point is how long will this continue or is his time almost up?

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