Authorities of South Korea Request Interpol Red Notice For Do Kwon

Do Kwon has gone dark and now the South Korean government wants help to find him

Prosecutors in South Korea, have a inquired if Interpol would join in and issue a red notice against Do Kwon-Dino, infamous cofounder of the now defunct Terra ecosystem. Currently Mr. Kwon is missing or has gone dark after the Terra debacle.

The next steps of the Southern District Prosecutors Office is to begin the procedure to revoke Mr. Kwon’s passport and place him on the red notice list of Interpol. An arrest warrant was issued for Mr. Kwon Currently ,missing since last week as the ex co-founder is being accused of violating capital market rules. The finance ministry has been asked by the Prosecutors Office to void his passport as well. 

It was well known that at the time of the fall of Terra Do Kwon was a resident in Singapore but the police of the region have since stated that he is no longer in the country.

Do Kwon has made a statement himself stating that he isn’t on the run and is “full cooperation” 

Do Kwon suggests he is defending himself from a multitude of accusations and states he is anxious to let the world know of his innocence, this comes after another tweet that seemed oddly defensive:

After the collapse of Terral law enforcement and regulation agencies looked into Terra and Do Kwon as there was suspicious activity going on with his personal wallets and accounts.  A class action lawsuit was brought up against him and Terraform Labs in the United States and the SEC was also involved in the investigations surrounding the collapse. 

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In Korea the home of Daniel Shin the other co-founder was raided and Yoon Suk-Yeol  the president of South Korea relaunched a financial crimes unit just to dive deeper into the collapse of Terra.

Many have accused Do Kwon of money laundering but at the time of this writing he maintains his innocence stating he lost almost everything since the fall.

There are some that alleged that certain wallets were created to funnel funds out of TerraForm Labs right before the fall of UST.

Whatever the truth may be it will eventually come to light, there are many who wish to see some form of closure on this nightmare that caused a lot of destruction in its wake.

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