Solana Founder Anatoly Yakovenko Says Solana Is Not an “Ethereum Killer.”

“We do sometimes track our success against Ethereum in terms of developer adoption”


In a recent discussion with Decrypt Anatoly Yakovenko discussed how he sees the relationship between Ethereum and his Solana blockchain. In speaking with the GM podcast the founder of the Solana blockchain spoke on how it is important to know his rival blockchain. 

"We do Sometimes track our success against Ethereum in terms of developer adoption,I think it's important because they are the market leader"

Yakovenko stated it is very interesting to see the type of developers that have chosen Solana over Ethereum and stated that Solana is not an "Ethereum Killer" instead Anatoly spoke on how the two blockchains can be very complementary because of their differences.

Solana has become popular for dapps and NFTs due to the speed of the blockchain and lower fees. Both of the blockchains use a proof-of-stake system but Solana mixes that up with a proof-of-history consensus algorithm as well. This POH algorithm chronicles the previous events on the blockchain thus ensuring a common record of events for permanent reference.

An Opinion 

Yakovenko believes Ethereum is too focused on the idea of validators needing to be cheap. The Solana head believes that developers are sacrificing way too much to achieve that exact goal stating that Ethereum's plans around that goal for the future may not be the best idea. He also stated there were use cases that were better suited for Ethereum and thus that is why developers are choosing to work on Solana.

When speaking on the idea of a multi-chain future Anatoloy was not so direct in accepting it. 

"I don't know what is going to happen, if we're gonna have a multi-chain future or not, Right now , when you use an application, you're still aware that you're using Solana or Ethereum. Maybe users that are crypto-native care to make that distinction"

Yakovenko believes once there are 100 million users most of them won't care what blockchain they are using, insead they will be focused on the amazing app that they are using to solve their problem instead.

"It's that killer app that defines the environment, which may lead to a world that not multi-chain but something more akin to Amazon Web Services or cloud-based competitive distribution."

During the interview Anatoly continued to speak more on Solana and the future of the blockchain and focused on how thought the two are different blockchains the similarities are there and the possiblity of working towards a common goal is present as well.

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