Bitmark Raises $5.6M to build “Autonomy”

New NFT wallet seeks to bridge the gap

Bitmark protocol is touted as the developer’s interface to the Internet of Value. The protocol provides a standardized representation of all assets owned on any blockchain.

Bitmark, the blockchain startup, is focused on its NFT initiatives. The company was able to raise $5.6 Million in a funding round led by Galaxy Interactive and North Island Ventures to further its Autonomy wallet project. The Autonomy wallet is an NFT wallet with the main goal of bridging the gap between artists and the NFT space in general. 

Autonomy is the world’s first and only digital art wallet produced as an app that allows you to securely connect, view, and discover art. The wallet is meant to be an interoperable way for collectors to show off their pieces and is currently available on mobile. Blockchains supported currently are Ethereum and Tezos with more integrations coming in the next few months. Using Feral File, another product of Bitmark, the platform gives users the ability to create virtual exhibitions creatively. The CEO of Bitmark Sean Moss-Pultz commented on how the industry is still very young but creative ways to show off artwork are still far behind the curve.

There are other companies that are building in the same ecosystem as Autonomy. Some projects include Bright Moments which offers NFT pop-up galleries worldwide and Web3 Gallery which is a dedicated NFT art gallery in New York that has aspirations of becoming the Best Buy of the NFT sphere.

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