Gucci releases new NFT 

Gucci and SuperRare collaborate

SuperRare and Gucci are collaborating on another NFT drop that is meant to celebrate the next 100 years of Gucci. The collaboration and collections are being created with the intention of honoring the colorful heritage of the brand. The SuperRare marketplace originally worked with Gucci on its Vault Art Space which is the marketplace for purchasing Gucci art. Gucci has made clear their intentions and interest in web3 tech nology for some time now. The luxury brand has had collaborations with Superplastic, CryptoJanky,and 10KF

The latest drop, which was released this July 7, is the second of three that will be showcased and auctioned directly on the vault website. The collection is titled “The Next 100 Years of Gucci” and will consist of artwork of 10 different NFT artists focused on reflecting on the proud 100- year legacy of the company and showing off the vision of Gucci for the next chapter in their illustrious run. The artists that are being offered an opportunity to build on this drop are Alexis Christodoulou, Aliendope, Diberkato, Drew Young, Jordan Schiffer, Tyler Spangler, Vexx, YEAHYEAHCHLOE, Pet Liger, and trs.mnz.

Gucci is joining the SuperRare DAO upon this release. The DAO will be controlled by the community of artists, collectors, and curators of the platform through the use of the $RARE token. Holders will get new updates and the ability to create new “spaces” which are independent galleries on the SuperRare platform.  The collection is online now on the SuperRare Gucci Vault with some art being static and others being moving mp4 or gifs.

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