AAA-Quality Web3 Games On Their Way From Revolving Games

The gaming startup has raised $13.2 million to develop games.

When web3 games first started many were quick to point out the lack of fun factor, some opponents even pointed out how lame the graphics and interfaces were to these games. As time has gone by many companies are now focusing more on the fun factor of gaming and how it looks. On the Solana chain one of the biggest games in development is Star Atlas, The game is created using Unreal Engine and promises AAA-styled gaming for all users. 

Revolving games is here to do the same. The company founded by three brothers Saad, Amman, and Shayan Zaeem has a history of creations free-to-play games for mobile. The company has now gone web3 and during an announcement stated that $13.2 million was raised in a funding round for cutting-edge web3 development. This brings the total amount of funding for the company to $25 million. 

The company will be tasked to create AAA content for web3 and will be advised by Dan Houser ,co-founder of Rockstar Games, popular for their GTA franchise.

Funding for the company has come from many including Panera Capital, Animoca Brands, Polygon, Houser, Dapper LAbs, Permanens Capital Partners, Kenetic , Sarmayacar, and DWeb3 Capital. 

The latest round sound funding led by Pantera Capital, with Animoca Brands, Polygon, Dapper Labs and Dan Houser participating. 

Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu, and Pantera Capital’s Paul Veradittakit stated their pride in working with Revlovling games. 

Shayan Zaeem stated there was a clear vision for the company:

“Our vision is clear: to build AAA quality games that turn heads amongst the best launches at the top gaming forums like Gamescom and E3!”

Two titles are already in the pipeline with a Battlestar Galactica strategy MMO blockchain game being produced in conjunction with Gala Games and NBCUniversal.

The second game will be “Skyborne Legacy” which is a cooperative RPG inspired by the days of Super Nintendo. The game will not be officially announced until October but the twitter feed has been very active for some time.

The main focus of the company is to create games for “traditional gamers” and they have stated that not every game will incorporate the use of NFTs. The brothers believe if there is a use for NFTs its for complimenting the experience and not just monetizing a game.

The plan is for the games created by the company to be free-to-play and involve an opt-in economic system.  The brothers spoke on how web3 has lost some of its fire as it has gated their access to the gaming behind wallets, paywalls, scholar systems, and investments, this falls far behind web2 structures of free-to-play games.

“We believe that players should be able to experience our games for free, invest their time into learning our world , and ultimately decide whether or not we’ve provided the experience they were looking for before committing their hard earned dollars into supporting our games”  

Stated the Zaeem brothers.

Congratulations to Revolving Games and we all look forward to what you bring forth to web3 in the future !

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