Transactions on the Ronin Network of Axie Infinity to be Validated by Google Cloud

Sky Mavis adds Google to list of firms aiding in securing the sidechain network.

Mavis Sky continues with its plans to decentralize the Ronin network. The Ronin network is a custom Ethereum sidechain that was designed for NFT powered games. The network is best known for its connection to Axie Inifnity.

Sky Mavis announced that an agreement has been reached with the web2 giant Google utilizing the Google Cloud which will involve the cloud computing division of the company to run a validator node on Ronin.

For those not in the know this equates to Google Cloud aiding in security for the sidechain network and how it processes transactions. 

At this time there were no specific terms of the deal but a press release did state taht Google Cloud was the “strategic cloud partner” since 2020. Searce a cloud solutions firm will also aid with this collaboration as well.

Google Cloud’s Southeast Asia Managing Director Ruma Balasubramanian had the following to say about the collaboration:

“Sky Mavis is a strong example of how the cloud can enable blockchain technologies to yield innovation and value creation for individuals. 

Alongside Searce as our implementation partner, we look forward to working with Sky Mavis to accelerate its product roadmap and grow the Ronin network with secure infrastructure as its core. We’re also excited about the possibilities that could emerge from this latest collaboration – be it entertaining experiences for users or new business models in games distribution.”

This will make Google Cloud the 18th Validator on Ronin as the company seeks more security since the over $650 million lost in an attack last March. During that attack there were only 9 validators and 5 were hacked. The North Korean group Lazarus has been made to blame for the loss.

The goal of Sky Mavis is to have at least 21 validators with other companies such as Yield Guild Games, Nansen, Animoca Brands, and DappRadar already being included in the count.

Google team is no stranger to blockchain collaborations as it has previously partnered with other blockchain and distributed ledger based networks. The company has validated transactions for Theta Labs, and Hedera Hashgraph.  Google Cloud has formed its own web3 team to aid projects that have been built on the blockchain.

Axie infinity has suffered since the hack with player numbers dwindling and the marketplace seeing a slow in sales. The gaming company has since then created a new Axie Inifnity Origins version and an optional free to play model.

So far only 10% of the amount stolen from Ronin Wallet has been returned by investigators.

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