Zebec Raises $15 Million

Programmable cash stream

Moving money efficiently and with less fees has always been an underlying Mai. Idea of cryptocurrency. The current decentralized systems still rely on centralized means to transfer gains made on blockchains. Hey seven month old start up wants to change that.

Zebec has developed the technology to move money through the Blockchain efficiently and in real time. Recently the start up has been able to raise $15 million through new funding headed by Solana Ventures and Distributed Global joined by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Circle, Coinbase, Alameda Research, OKX Blockdream Ventures, DST Global Partners, Road Ventures, Global Founders Capital, BECO Capital, Greenoaks, and GoldenTree Asset Management.

Zebec is introducing “Zebec Pay” a unique programmable and continuous money stream protocol makes sending and receiving cash up to the second.This means that investments, payments, subscriptions and more can be handled easily with Zebec’s protocol. Another aspect of Zebec’s initial application, is the fact that it is the first tax compliant, on-chain payroll processing system. Employees will be able to be paid by the second — in USDC or other stablecoins — and immediately use their money.

The company hopes to truly decentralize the movement of money. On the Solana blockchain. This project is another example of the scalability and speed of the Solana blockchain and the potential for more positive change in the world of DeFi.

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