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We swear it seems nowadays there’s a vending machine for almost anything. If you were to go to Japan some of the vending machines would make you blush, or gag. There are some vending machines that sell cotton candy, some vending machines that sell watermelons, and some vending machines that sell coconuts that are cut open so you can drink the juice. There’s even pizza vending machines now available to invest in. Today we are here to talk about a vending machine that has more utility than any of the other vending machines of late.

Recently a vending machine that sells Solana NFTs are showing up in New York. The machine allows you to buy NFT is using your credit card and not crypto. The company that brought you this product is called Neon.


Neon An NFT marketplace , which closed a $3 million funding round last month wants to blur the barrier between the real world and the metaverse. Their NFT vending machine , called the NFT ATM , is located at 29 John St in Manhattan and is open 24 hours a day and allowing collectors to buy Solana NFTs with fiat currency.



CMO and co-founder Jordan Birnholtz who came up with the idea with Drew Levie says he wants to make buying NFTs as easy as possible.

The vending machine also allows the user to purchase the NFT with other centralized mobile payment services such as Apple Pay , Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Once the item is purchased at the vending machine the user is then prompted to scan a QR code that delivers the NFT to their wallet. The NFT are presented as a physical box in the vending machine. Purchasers will not be able to choose which NFT they receive from a collection -it’s like a physical version of the minting process.

Neon has many more plans in the pipeline including a crypto payment system. For now the vending machines are a focus and they plan to roll out more in the future. It will be interesting to see what the plans are for security and protection of the NFT in the vending machines as well, also- what happens when your box gets stuck after payment?

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