The Metaverse Rush Shows Billions Being Spent On Virtual Land

The metaverse isn’t even fully developed yet and there are billions being spent on gaining access.

In the past few years, there’s been a rush to stake a claim in the metaverse. This digital frontier is still in its early days, and many believe that it will grow to be even more massive than the internet. As a result, virtual land sales have become big business. In fact, over $2 billion worth of virtual land has been sold in the past year alone!

While some people are buying virtual land for investment purposes, others are using it as a canvas to create unique and incredible digital art. Angie Taylor is one of these artists.

Angie has been creating digital art for over 20 years. When she first learned about the metaverse, she saw it as a natural extension of her art practice. “For me, the metaverse is just another place to make art. It’s a place where I can experiment and play with ideas in a way that isn’t possible in the physical world,” she says.

Angie has created two galleries full of stunning digital artwork on her virtual land in the Voxels world. Her work includes a wide range of styles and subjects, from traditional landscapes to more abstract pieces. And she’s not the only one creating art in the metaverse. In fact, there’s a growing community of artists who are using virtual reality as a canvas for their creativity.

The beauty of the metaverse is that it’s still in its early days. This means that there’s a lot of opportunity for artists like Angie to experiment and pioneer new ways of creating art. As the metaverse continues to grow, we can only imagine the incredible works of art that will be created in this digital frontier.

Angies plots are about the size of a small family house (if you compare them to the size of her avatar). The tallest stretches up over three floors and has a roof terrace with a white-and-black-striped road crossing, and a pink taxi permanently driving back and forth just for fun.

But you get a real sense of the scale of this world from the air.

“Hold down the F key and you can fly up to take a look at my neighborhood,” Angie explains. Above her gallery, you can see thousands of identical boxes of land stretching to the horizon.

It’s mind-boggling to think about the amount of land that has been bought and sold in the metaverse in recent years. And it’s only going to continue to grow.


There are many virtual lands out there now with Voxels being just one. So, if you’re thinking about buying some virtual land, be sure to do your research and find the world that’s right for you. With so many options available, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for everyone. Currently besides Voxels there is The Sandbox and Decentraland. These platforms are selling land in their own versions of the Metaverse. The Sandbox is a user-generated content platform where creators can monetize voxel assets and experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world where you can buy land, build, and explore. There are many other options for virtual land as well. These are just a few of the most popular ones currently available.

Reports of DappRadar have stated that $1.9bn worth of crypto has been spent purchasing virtual land in the past year, and $22M of that has been spent on Voxels. Decentraland has seen more and is currently one of the largest metaverse projects with brands such as Samsung, UPS, and Sothebys buying land. The Sandbox has seen companies such as Adidas, Atari, Ubisoft, Binance, Warnert Music, Gucci, and celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton all purchase land on the platform.

Roblox another metaverse platform has seen Gucci purchase land as well.



It should be noted Games like Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite are not the same type of metaverse as The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Voxels World. The games do not sell land nor do they use any blockchain tech but they have some key factors of the metaverse at work such as the ability to hang out with friends, world-specific currency, the opportunity to make money on the platform, and huge communities.

One of the biggest spenders in the metaverse to date is Mark Zuckerberg. He purchased land in multiple metaverse platforms including Voxels, The Sandbox, and Decentraland. He has also been very clear about his vision for the metaverse and how he believes it will shape the future of social media and communication.

The Facebook CEO changed the name of his company and has dedicated $10bn a year in spending to build the metaverse, though people are not happy with his decision or the way things are going at the company.

The metaverse is a big change, and while there is no real definition and only a few companies have profited off of the technology there is no reason to believe it is just a fad, an evolution is coming and there are those that are rushing to get in on the wave, the question now remains what it means for the rest of the world.



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