iMining Signs New Deal , Will Launch Wani Perfumes in Decentraland

iMining is a publicly listed Web3.0 Tech company that focuses on crypto mining, Defi, and NFTs. The company owns BitBit Financial Inc which is an ATM network and crypto OTC trading platform for individuals and companies.

The team at iMining is going to be very busy as the company announced its wholly-owned subsidiary, Metaverse Advisory Group Inc.(“MAG”) has entered into an agreement with the Wani Perfumes co-founders. The agreement will see MAG aid Wani in developing and executing its digital and metaverse-related strategy.

MAG will provide an online e-commerce-based retail platform powered by AI for Wani Perfumes to perform in the metaverse. Wani is looking to transcend its borders of Oman and reach a much larger customer base. The company is looking to become one of the leaders of metaverse e-commerce and plans to do so by launching the world’s first metaverse house of luxury perfumes.

Wani Perfumes is the luxury perfume company of the Sultanate of Oman. The company focuses on a fusion of the exotic ancient fragrances of the East with the urban scents of the West. Each fragrance is created under an expert perfumer utilizing musks, spices, woods, and pure essences that are curated meticulously from some of the most genuine sources in the world and ensured for supreme quality.

The Metaverse Advisory Group is a virtual NFT-based real estate company. The company manages and portfolio of virtual properties in some of the major metaverses including Decentraland and The Sandbox. The group offers unique virtual property development, and property management, and assists companies with the future of work, virtual events and meetings, marketing, and advertising all in the metaverse. The company is a subsidiary of iMining Technologies Inc.

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