The Collectoooooor

Quick Points

NFT artist pplpleasr launched her
first Solana-based project this week.

“The Collectoooooor” lets NFT owners
trade up for rarer NFTs.

Artist pplpleasr (a.k.a. Emily Yang) is a standout talent of the NFT boom of this year’. She was also responsible for designing the cover of Fortune magazine — and then selling it as NFTs. Previously her work has been on the Ethereum blockchain but as of this week, she is developing for Solana as well.

Just in time for the Breakpoint conference in Lisbon, she has launched, “The Collectoooooor” by pplpleasr which was created in collaboration with Cloud Eater Studios and Solana’s Metaplex protocol. This project spans 500 total pieces, including 3D ducks, buildings, UFOs, and more.

Looking at the pieces individually may not seem like much of anything other than a simple NFT that may or may not be worth much. The trick comes in having all 13 unique items that belong to the same set in the same wallet. A holder could then choose to burn all of those NFT in exchange for one of 15 total limited edition animated 3D cityscapes, there are three designs of these with 5 editions each.

“The Collectoooooor” was designed to be “like a metaverse Animal Crossing, where players collect different assets based on recipes to ‘craft items’ as an upgrade.”

For the uninitiated, Nintendo’s Animal Crossing game is a cute game that involves low-key life simulations with cartoonish creatures and online social play. During quarantine, Nintendo Entertainment saw massive sales growth of their Switch platform with the release of the Animal Crossing game that brought hours of play to those stuck inside their homes.

Visually, The Collectoooooor’s city scenes are very reminiscent of the Animal Crossing aesthetic. Pplpleasr said that the project’s look is also inspired by a previous piece of hers called “A Whale’s Dream.” Using Solana for her projects is a new situation, but she has been quoted in other news channels as stating it was a long time coming and that the COO of Solana Labs Raj Gokal is a long-time supporter of hers.

Artist pplpleasr also tapped a different kind of method for selling “The Collectoooooor” NFTs, The project has adopted a format called the “Fair Launch Protocol” which is designed to avoid a rush of buyers making a mad rush in at the same time to purchase a limited number of NFTs, simultaneously letting the community determine the price in a decentralized manner. This means that prospective buyers can place a bid on the project based on what they believe to be a fair price, with the medium bid being sold as the “fair launch” price.

Any bidder who put in the median price or higher automatically received a raffle ticket, and then 500 winners were chosen to complete the transaction. Automatic refunds were given to those that did not do the raffle, and the people who bid more than 1 SOL were refunded for the remainder. Those that bid less than the median, had the option to opt-out or to pay more to reach the median. Each bidder also paid a 0.1 SOL fee that went directly to charity. With 5,568 total bidders, the fees generated 556.8 SOL or about $127,000 as of this writing. Pplpleasr believes in charity and she personally donated more than $650,000 worth of ETH to charities.

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