Solana Likes to Party

A blockchain that has a good time

There are many events being held to propel a blockchain further into the hearts of investors and users. BAYC held their own party in New York Late 2021. This party of course was held by the NFT and not Ethereum itself but the Ethereum crowd was indeed in attendance.

There is one blockchain that loves to party however, that blockchain is our beloved Solana. Since the Solana Summer of 2021 the community of Solana has had many events to build hype, loyalty and networking opportunities. From the first Breakpoint back in November of 2021 to Solana Miami that just passed, the community of Solana doesn’t give up on a good time.



Recently there are preparations for Solana fun in the sun in the Bahamas. The team at FTX which is a solid Solana supporter is having an event titled CryptoBahamas which begins today April 26.2022. The event which is explained by the header of the website as “an exclusive gathering of the leading investors and builders in the blockchain, digital assets and web3 space” is going to go on for three days in the Baha Mar Resort in Nassau,Bahamas. The event is already sold out with the cheapest ticket being sold at $3,000 and the most expensive at $5,000. There were a total of 600 tickets being sold altogether, media passes seem to still be available. The event is set to kick-off with a welcome party at the end of the first day with major players speaking to attendees starting on the second day. FTX own Sam Bankman-Fried will be joined by Co-founder of Solana Anatoly Yakovenko and many other major players as they discuss the current state of crypto and web3 and how the future of the blockchains and projects can be handled going forward. All information of the event can be found on the website and you can rest assured Solanews will keep you informed of any major news from the event that concern our favorite blockchain.




FTX doesn’t have any plans of stopping for now with another event planned for May 6–8 entitled “Off The Grid” which will be a three day event hosted in Miami, Florida. This event will be held during the popular race weekend that is held every year in Miami. The tickets are sold as NFTs now on the website and per the description on the page “This NFT ticket guarantees fast track access, exclusive experiences and a chance to win a concert ticket with epic headline artists. So come along and get up close to a Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 car, watch it take a spin on Ocean Drive. Experience fashion shows, exclusive merch stores, awesome activities and a range of selected food and drinks. Explore the NFT gallery, buy or create your own before you check out unique gaming experiences. Miami, it’s time to ride.”

The events don’t end there either. Breakpoint, the highly successful event from last year that was held in Lisbon will have a part 2 this year as well. The event is supposed to be bigger and better than last years’ and will celebrate all of the success of the projects on the Solana blockchain from the end of last year to the end of this year.

With all of the events being held and created for those on the Solana blockchain it is obvious that the community of Solana is one that loves to have a good time!

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