Solana-based Moduluc Launches the “enviroVoucher Program”

AiriA NFT gains an exciting new utility

Moduluc is a Metaverse Technology Company that is deep in the pursuit of ultra-realistic & high-fidelity metaverse experiences. Recently the company has announced a new expansion into mainstream web2 that will see the Moduluc user pool increase into the millions.

The new initiative will see a new utility created for those holders of the AiriA NFT.

Once known as Enviro, the  NFT has been renamed to AiriA to reflect the future metaverse utility and plans.. All AiriA-related metaverse, eCommerce, and multiplayer projects will continue as planned, but there is far more to explore with the changes that are being created for holders of the NFT.

Moduluc is releasing an ultra-realistic design application called Enviro. Enviro will be run on subscription as an SaaS (Software as a Service) This is being done in order to chapter an untapped area of the web2 market. Enviro is separate from the AiriA metaverse NFT. The AiriA NFt is a social or multiplayer experience Enviro is not but it does have its own design themes and assets.

Direct consumer correspondence will be used to expose web2 users of Enviro to the web3 space. AiriA holders will benefit from these plans via an enviroVoucher NFT, this NFT will be airdropped to the wallets of those holders. The Voucher will be available to purchaser for users of the subscription service that want to save on the annual fees.

Currently it is expected that millions of users would be interested in using Enviro and  Moduluc has created a way to put more eyes on the web3 product and also create a valuable utility for holding AiriA, they have done this by making the vouchers only available through purchase from an AiriA holder. Each of the Vouchers will provide a $40 value towards the annual subscription with multiple vouchers being available for purchase by one person up until 50% of the fee has been covered. Holders of the AiriA NFT will be able to sell the vouchers on secondary marketplaces and the vouchers last for 3 years, AiriA holders can also decide the discount level on each voucher as the price may need to be raised or lowered depending on market at the time.

The plan also rewards holders of higher tier Airia as there is a 15% gain in vouchers for each level of AiriA. A Tier2 could receive 24 tickets whereas a tier3 has the potential to receive 60 tickets and so on.  The trading value of the NFT voucher after a 10% royalty and example 25% discount for web2 users is $26.

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Another great benefit for those  Moduluc and AiriA holders is the program incentivizes web2 users to convert to buy an NFT in a small yet safe way, creating exposure to the Moduluc system and breaking down any barriers of entry. 

This plan was created to build upon the project and safeguard holders of the AiriA NFT even during a time of turmoil in the web3 space.  There is more coming to the Moduluc ecosystem such as the Ultra-realistic design application/NFT gallery  which is available at the time of this writing. In the future there will be continuous airdrops of enviroVoucher NFTs,new asset/NFT airdrops and access to the front of the line for future Moduluc NFT mints. 

The question of web3 adoption is a burning one at the moment. Each new web3 company is trying to figure out how to get those on web2 to accept and adopt the technology, with this new initiative Moduluc hopes to bridge the gap and provide a benefit for web2 users and the holders of their AiriA NFT.


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