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Some big names in music are
joining the Solana family

The Utility of Solana and NFT has been explained many times and the fact that they are not just jpegs has been spoken on as well. Music is also a viable form of NFT that has not been explored as much as it could be, that could be changing soon with an NFT offering of Bob Dylan and Miles Davis.

Sony Music and Universal Music have both partnered with Snowcrash- a Solana based startup NFT market that will compete with Opensea, Solsea and other higher profile markets, to provide Bob Dylan and Miles Davis drops.

Snowcrash Site

This comes as no surprise as the music industry has taken an interest in the NFT space since the rise of NFT from last summer. With artists like Tory Lanez and Trey Songz seeing success on blockchains selling their music. Other artists have begun creating their own brand NFTs as well, talents such as Steve Aoki and Kings of Leon being initial creators on various blockchains.

Sony Music plans for their partnership with Snowcrash to be beneficial in creating new platforms and a range of opportunities for its artists to deliver music with better access and range.Dennis Kooker , Sony’s president of global digital business was very enthusiastic about the partnership between the respective companies. Michael Nash , Universal Music’s EVP of Digital Strategy was also in agreement with the sentiments of MR.Kooker in believing in the opportunities and new platforms that could be explored with the partnership with Snowcrash.

Music companies are getting into web3 with ferver and the opportunites and ideas are just now rolling out. Warner Music recently partnered with Splinterlands, a blockchain gaming company. The goal of Warner Music is to get musicians to join play-to-earn games. With the multitude of ways to create, play, and earn on web3 there is indeed no current limit in sight as to how far these companies and artists can go.

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