Heir To The Throne

Michael Jordan drops
first batch of NFT

Previously we spoke on Michael Jordan and his NFT project in another article. After a few months Mr. Jordan and his HEIR platform have finally released their first batch of NFT. The NFT are inspired by his prolific career with the Chicago Bulls and are meant to be the pass for his web3 fan engagement platform.

The initial batch of NFT sold 5,005 individual items at a price of 2.3 SOL ($213 USD at the time of this article). The price was meant to be an homage to his iconic jersey number.The initial idea was to sell over 10,000 versions of the NFT but later reduced the supply , possibly due to slow sales ( the NFT markets have seen a steep decline in searches and sales as of late.)



The NFT will give the holder access to the “Huddles” platform which connects the user with their favorite athlete.Huddles will give access to merchandise, “ask-me-anything” sessions and much more. Exactly which athletes will be available on the platform has yet to be disclosed but NBA legends and current players have been promised in a current Twitter space held by the team.The discord server also states that high school and college students will be included as well.

The project is helmed by Michael Jordan’s son Jeffrey Jordan and he promises more additional opportunities to onboard more users besides this initial NFT drop for what he calls “founding fans”. The plan is to offer more ways for other new members to join while still honoring the original purchasers of the NFT.



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