Minnapad- An Interview with Tatsuya Nishioka 

New concept for gamers brings ownership and IP rights to creators.

Minnapad sees gaming as it was

Gaming has produced some of the best entertainment for the masses. Billions have been made by companies producing brand new IPs that have kept players glued to their screens for years. 

There are beloved characters all of us can remember such as Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, Cloud Strife , Ryu, and more but the problem is some of those characters have their stories cut short due to office politics or distribution deals gone wrong. The team at Gamatch hopes to solve this issue with their new Minnapad launchpad offering. 

Solanews/MetaFi was able to get a hold of the busy CEO of Gamatch , Tatsuya Nishioka, belovedly referred to as Nishioka-San, and speak to him about his project that boasts some very big talent, including some major players in the Japanese gaming community.

Gamatch is headed by Tetsuya Nishioka and his team is very successful at gaming
Gamatch is headed by Tatsuya Nishioka and his team

Nishi-San on what gaming can be

SN:Thank you for Taking the time to answer our questions. We are very excited about Minnapad and its role in the future of web3 gaming.You have some amazing talent in your team, how did this partnership come about?

TN: I had worked with the legends at my previous company called Marvelous, a Japanese listed gaming publisher.

SN:You make a very interesting point in your presentation where you say gaming legends are locked by publishers and developers are at the mercy of publishers as well, how does Minnapad expect to make things different?

TN:A legend and a head of gaming developers will be a member of a committee on each DAO, that means the two have an IP ownership. This has not happened in the web2 field as they’ve been doing just work for hire projects for big publishers.

SN:Which games or  IPs have you seen lost to publishers or lost completely that could very well have been amazing releases?

TN: Many games have been lost that could have been amazing, Metal Gear Solid was unfinished for some, Harvest Moon , and Silent Hills along with many other IPs that could have had a great future

SN:Does this mean IPs are now owned by communities rather than companies? 

TN:DAOs including communities have ownership.

Games such as Silent Hills and Metal Gear were sadly lost due to company politics and distribution squabbles.

SN:Megaman was one of the most amazing series in gaming history. We loved Megaman X, do you foresee iconic games like that happening in web3 anytime soon?

TN:That’s one of our challenges, we are also looking to make an IP creation DAO in the near future with famous Japanese animation creators.

SN:You state anyone can submit their game idea, what guarantees do they have that their idea will not be stolen?

TN:Only a part of our team and the legends can see their applications. But we believe an idea is just an idea, the important thing is how to execute with it.

SN:You are based in Japan are the opportunities open to anyone around the world or just locally?

TN:We open to anyone around the world.

SN:Please explain how this model is different from a Kickstarter model for those that don’t fully understand.

TN:The biggest difference is that you are going to have IP ownership as well as governance tokens when you invest in our DAO.

SN:Keiji Inafune has created. Mighty No.9, are there any plans to bring that character into web3?

TN: No because Mighty No.9 is now owned by the LEVEL5 group.

SN:How much initial investment should the person with the idea input or is having an idea just enough?

TN:A detailed design would be preferred.

SN:What are the limitations of your platform if any?

TN: There are no limits at the moment.

SN:You noted tokenization and other methods of growing revenue, would that be put in a DAO treasury? 

TN: Yes.

SN:Once a DAO is created for the project does the creator lose all ownership of their idea? What is the benefit to the creator?

TN:No, the creator is also a member of a DAO so they also have the ownership and some tokens will be allocated to them.

SN:Are there plans for PC games only or does the platform allow for games on any platform? What if the idea is for a new console?

TN: Each DAO will decide the things but we believe we should support mobile at least.

SN:What national markets are your target?

TN: Our primary target is South East Asia, and the secondary is South America.

SN: Can people in North America apply for your platform’s services as well?

TN: Of course we are open worldwide , just our focus on marketing is is the aforementioned areas.

We appreciate Nishi-san taking time out of his busy schedule to reply to our interview and wish him, Gamatch, and Minnapad ultimate success!

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