Now you can display your NFT’s on Instagram and Facebook in the U.S.

Showing off in the states 

You can now display your digital assets on Instagram after parent company Meta-announced that non fungible tokens, or NFTs would be available to millions of US users. This feature allows those that are using Facebook and Instagram to connect to their crypto wallets and show off their NFTs. Meta also announced support of the technology for 100 different countries.

What’s in a name 

Facebook changed its name to Meta last year. This was due to Zuckerberg being completely serious about facing the future of web3 and the technology behind it. The metaverse is very important to Mark Zuckerberg as he believes it is the future of social interaction and business.

Zuckerberg’s matter is meant to be a metaverse where people can share their art ,music,entertainment, and businesses, all in new and exciting ways. Meta-has been working on its digital collectible. Features for a while now, and has come up with what they believe is a unique and original feature that will definitely bring more users to the world of digital assets and crypto Mark Zuckerberg himself has sold a childhood baseball card of his for over $105,000 as an NFT.

Connection directions 

To connect Facebook and Instagram users should use their hot Wallace such as rainbow, MetaMask trust, wallet, Coinbase, wallet, and dapper wallet to post diesel collectibles from Ethereum polygon and flow. There is currently no support for wallets available for the Solana blockchain. 

You must also have the latest version of Facebook or Instagram on your phones. You should ensure that your wallets are also installed on the phones. Once signed into tour Facebook or Instagram app, you may connect your Wallet by selecting the “digital collectibles” tab under settings. 

Any user can upload NFTs to a collectibles folder, and then share them and post just like usually do. In FT posts will have a shimmer effect just to show the they are different from regular posts. You will not be charged anything for posting or sharing digital collectibles on Instagram or Facebook.

Joining the party 

This is not new for social media sites. Reddit has already launched a new NFT-based avatar marketplace allowing users to purchase blockchain-based profile pictures , or pfp’s,  for a fixed rate, some as low is $9.99. Twitter introduce this feature earlier this year, which allowed users to shoulder NFT’s as profile pictures on Twitter, the caveat being you had to be a Twitter Blue subscriber.

Web3 is well underway, the metaverse is already here, essentially. Most social media sites have become privy to this information and are deciding new and exciting ways for users to interact with the technology. What more will come of Web3 and NFTs only the imagination can show those limits

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