Metamundo Metaverse Marketplace

Metamundo is a British Virgin Islands-based online marketplace with a small team of 12. The company has created a highly curated marketplace for creating premium quality 3D model NFTs.

The focus of the 3D NFT Marketplace is primary art sales. Metamundo has a history of selling imagery in all forms for sale in galleries, villas, music venues, parks, avatars, and more- all in 3D. Architects and designers that work in 3D sell their assists directly to users of the metaverse. The marketplace focuses only on 3D assets and not 2D like most other NFT marketplaces.

The market hopes to help build interoperability between virtual worlds and that the adoption of standard bodies has helped with the progress of that interoperability. Avatars need to become more complex in order to cooperate and the 3D sphere can help make that a reality.

Metamundo supports high-quality XXAR, Universal Scene Description which is a tool for 3D asset making. The company also deals with game-based NFT offerings in its marketplace as well. The 3D viewer of the marketplace allows you to see the many versions of your asset and what interoperable versions of the same asset are available.

The CEO of Metamundo whose surname is Hansen spoke on the issues that his platform hopes to work on. “The metaverse has a main content problem, a problem that is likely to be changed by a new wave. We’re working together to make things happen to your creators, designers, architects, and brands to make them change their experiences and help create a world of things.

The vision of the Metamundo company is to facilitate beautiful, interoperable, and open metaverse experiences in an immersive 3D social internet where everyone has ownership and builds on the metaverse with blockchain technology. The team has partnered with a variety of specially selected 3D creators that will help build the platform and create a marketplace built for all that create in the third dimension.

Each NFT sold on the MetaMundo platform will have 3D file formats that are simultaneously compatible with Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, Spatial, VRChat, and more, as more projects surface the NFT can also be updated to add assets for those projects as well. This is done by converting the files into an optimization pipeline making them optimized for multiple metaverses.

Metamundo raised $2.7M in funding for the project from various angel investors such as Animoca Brands, Hypersphere Ventures, Digital Currency Group, OP Crypto, Metacartel Ventures, Everyrealm, Marshland Capital,, Polygon Studios, Ascensive assets, Sfermion, D1 Ventures, Cryptomeria Capital, Red Beard Ventures, and Metacollective.

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