AI Art Turned into Solana NFTs

Solana NFTs

The Founder of LinkedIn makes DALL-E AI art collection

Reid Hoffman is a Billionaire and a tech guru. Hoffman is known for creating LinkedIn, the business social media platform. Recently the tech billionaire has gone into NFTs and is releasing a collection of his own on Solana and sold on Magic Eden. The collection was created using DALL-E2, an open artificial intelligence software that can take detailed text and turn it into artwork.

In an announcement made via a Twitter thread, Hoffman announced the collection that he and his team created. His thread went on to explain DALL-E 2 more in detail and why he believes in the platform.

The project in question is titled “Untranslatable Words” and will be about 11 pieces in size. The first piece will be titled “mångata” and is currently on sale now with a top bid up for 696.97 SOL ( approx $27,007.59 USD). The translation of the piece’s name is Swedish and it means “The road like the reflection of the moon on water”. Hoffman was inspired by the variety of languages and how some languages have words that exist without a single-word equivalent in another language.

The billionaire does not plan to pocket the gains from the sale of the NFTs, there are plans for the funds to be shared between his team and charitable causes. The NFTs that are not sold will be burned- which means permanently destroyed.

DALL-E 2 images have gone the rounds on the internet since the introduction of the platform back in April. The project takes a text description and provides highly accurate results based on your text. At the time of this writing, the platform is not open to the public but you can sign up for the waitlist and see if they will send you an email when it is.

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