Liquor Brands Venture Into NFTs



Famous whisky brand Dewar’s has partnered with Blockbar, a consumer Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace for luxury wine and spirits, to launch its first-ever NFT collection to go along with its Double Double 21-year-old whiskey Rye Cask Finish. The Dewar’s Double Double 21-Year-Old Rye Cask is part of the Dewar’s Double Double Series. According to the announcement by Blockbar, this partnership will feature a limited release of 50 bottles available for public purchase. 

Users interested in purchasing this unique blend of whiskey would have to buy an NFT representing ownership of the physical bottle. The 50 bottles will drop exclusively on at 10 AM EST on Tuesday, 8th November 2022. Each bottle will be priced at $150, and users can either pay for the NFT (bottle) with ETH or use their credit card. After a successful purchase, users will receive an NFT, which they will use to redeem the physical bottle. According to BlockBar, its NFT holders will have 24 hours early access to purchase these drinks before the public gets access to them. 

As part of the exclusivity, each bottle owner will have access to an exclusive virtual whisky tasting with Dewar’s award-winning master blender, Stephanie Macleod.

Hennessey Launches NFT Collection

Dewar’s isn’t the only liquor brand joining the NFT game as Hennessy has teamed up with web3 collective Friends with Benefits to launch an exclusive NFT drop. The public will be able to purchase these NFTs from November 4th and are priced at $450 each. NFT holders will have exclusive access to Henessy’s Cafe 11, a new initiative aimed at cultivating a Hennessy community with a mix of online and offline events. In reference to the year it was founded, Hennessy has put the total supply of these NFTs at only 1765. The first Cafe 11 event will take place on December 1st in Miami during the Art Basel. NFT holders will have access to an immersive experience that will run from 11 am to 11 pm and feature tastings, live music performances and other side attractions. According to Hennessy CEO Laurent Boillot, the “eleven” in Cafe 11 is inspired by the brand’s 11 am daily tastings, where Henessy’s team samples the eaux de vie which, with expertise and experience, transforms into cognac. He explains that Cafe 11 is about “curiosity, community and culture” and hopes the brand can replicate the energy in cafes where people meet, discuss and come up with ideas to reinvent the world. 

This article was written by Patrick Hagerty on the Exploring Digital Assets  on 25.10.2022 and has been published here with permission.

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