Line Next Unveils Five Exciting Web3 NFT Games


  • Line Next, a subsidiary of Line, is set to release five NFT-based games on its Game Dosi platform in the second half of 2023.
  • The games offer unique gameplay experiences, including strategic defense, role-playing, dungeon-crawling, and NFT reward earning mechanics.
  • Game Dosi plans to engage the gaming community through membership sales, NFT rewards, community missions, and future releases of globally popular content.

Next in LINE

Line Next, the NFT-centric subsidiary of the popular Asian social app Line, has made a significant push into Web3 gaming with the upcoming release of five exciting games on its Game Dosi platform. These NFT-based titles, set to debut in the second half of 2023, promise unique gameplay experiences and showcase the potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing the gaming industry.

A Glimpse into the Games:

Sweet Monster Guardians

The first game, Sweet Monster Guardians, is a browser-based strategic defense game developed by Movisoft. Players strategically place unique characters to defend against various challenges, offering an engaging role-playing adventure. Vestria the Last Order (VLO), developed by SIS Studio, allows players to embark on quests together in a Final Fantasy-style PC and Mac game.

For fans of action-adventure experiences, KEROZ by Superflex presents a thrilling dungeon-crawling “roguelike” game for both mobile and PC platforms. Drawship Kingdom Reverse, created by Nolatency Limited, introduces a browser-based game where gamers can earn NFT rewards through avatars, machines, and dolls. Lastly, Project GD, an internally-developed IP by Line Next, will feature a competitive trading card game (TCG) with NFT-based decks of cards.

Rewards, Membership Sales, and Community Engagement:

Game Dosi’s official launch is scheduled for May 18, accompanied by a membership sale offering gold and platinum-tier NFT passes. These passes grant early access to the new games and additional benefits. To further engage the gaming community, Game Dosi will provide NFT rewards from Project GD, allowing players to earn these rewards by completing missions found on the company’s community website.

Project GD

The company also plans a raffle, where participants have a chance to win NFT prizes based on the number of Discord sign-ups for Game Dosi. Additionally, Game Dosi has announced a lineup of globally popular content that will be released in the second half of the year, further expanding its game offerings.

Building on Blockchain Technology:

Game Dosi operates on the Finschia blockchain, formerly known as Line Blockchain and Link Chain. The native cryptocurrency of Finschia, LINK, forms the backbone of the platform’s economy. Line Next’s Web3 gaming push aligns with its vision of prioritizing gamers and embracing the transformative power of blockchain technology to create immersive gaming experiences.

Collaborating for Greater Potential:

Line Next’s venture into NFT gaming builds upon the success of Line’s parent company, IPX, in the NFT space. IPX recently announced a collaboration with Chiru Labs, the creator of the Ethereum-based NFT project Azuki, to explore content and merchandise opportunities featuring their respective IP. These collaborations demonstrate Line’s commitment to leveraging NFTs and Web3 technology to provide unique and engaging experiences to its users.

Line Next’s unveiling of five NFT games for the Game Dosi platform marks a significant stride in the convergence of blockchain technology and gaming. With unique gameplay mechanics, immersive experiences, and the integration of NFT rewards, Line Next is poised to captivate the gaming community and redefine the gaming industry. As the platform prepares for its official launch and continues to explore partnerships and content collaborations, the future of Web3 gaming looks promising and full of exciting possibilities.

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