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Platforms that help in early discovery are called “launchpads”.
There are a number of launchpads on the market.

We have all heard the saying “the early bird gets the worm” which of course means those that are early to the project will of course benefit the most from it. Being early in crypto is the best way to make a profit but with so many projects on the horizon, it can be a bit difficult to stay on top of the game. When certain projects garner enough traction they get a lot of attention, usually, it is too late at that point and the potentially massive profits that could have come with early adoption are out of the question.

Luckily there are some platforms that help investors and buyers discover early-stage projects before they become too mainstream. These platforms that help in early discovery are called “launchpads”. These launchpads are used to identify projects before a larger number of people discover them. The ability to gain entry into a presale is much higher with the use of a launchpad. These launchpads are not only a great way to get in early on a project but the best ones also offer vetting processes to help filter out scams and rug-pulls.


There are a number of launchpads on the market at the moment and we at Solanews will help introduce you to a few that are on the Solana Blockchain.


Touted by some as the go-to platform for the Solana blockchain, Solanium lets your stake your tokens, trade on the DEX, manage your Solana wallet and participate in future governance. The Solanium interface is based on simplicity. The user logs onto their page and is greeted by a list of new upcoming projects. Upon opening the project the user is then introduced to the project and the timeline. The user can then get all the information about the project, see the website address, look at the follower count and even link themselves to telegram for updates. There is also the $SLIM token which you can stake to receive xSlim tokens which are the platform and governance tokens of Solanium. These xSlim tokens qualify you for fee distribution, airdrops, unique pool benefits depending on tier, governance, and much more.


Solstarter enables projects to raise liquidity in a fair and decentralized manner. The main goal of Solstarter is fair and accessible capital for everyone. To understand exactly what that means we should break it into parts. First, fair distribution: Solstarter simplifies things by giving allocations out based on the quantity of SOS(Solstarter token) and user stakes. There are then guaranteed allocations of assets, which means there will be no bots to snipe a pool or challenges to see who can click on the button faster. Instead, Allocations are given to anyone and every one based on a two-tier auction system. Solstarter also is governed by a DAO which means that the community is invited to help democratize all fundraising. Solstarter uses a tier system as well and the higher you are in tier the more you are offered or guaranteed during allocation.

With the growing number of projects on Solana and the increase in many more to come it is good to have a process by which to get in early. Launchpads provide a valuable service to those that want to maximize their potential profits and growth. Solana is no doubt going to have a massive impact on the decentralized market and being able to use launchpads on the Solana blockchain will prove to be a very lucrative and beneficial advantage.

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