First Global Police Metaverse Launched By Interpol At Dehli Conference

Interpol and Innovation

Interpol metaverse

This Thursday, October 20, 2022, saw Interpol launching the first metaverse that was designed specifically for use by law enforcement agencies around the world. The project was introduced at the 90th general Assembly in Dehli.

At the time of the introduction, the metaverse was fully operational and allowed users to register and then take a tour of a virtual Interpol General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon, France. Users are also able to interact with other officers via avatars and take immersive training courses in forensic investigation and other policing tasks.

Metaverse Prepared

As the number of users for the metaverse continues to grow Interpol believes that there are indeed new crimes and new methods of crime that can be created including crimes against children, data theft, money laundering, financial fraud, counterfeiting, ransomware, phishing, and sexual assault and harassment.

The World Economic Forum was created as a partnership between Meta, Interpol, Microsoft, and others as an initiative to define and govern the metaverse. the WEF has warned of social engineering scams, violent extremism, and misinformation that could plague the space in the future and Interpol wants to make sure their agents are ready for anything in web3.

Interpol officers look in on the metaverse office created to help them prepare for web3

Law Enforcement

Some of the threats spoken about present significant challenges especially since not all the acts that are criminalized in the physical world can be classified as crimes in a virtual one. The way of law enforcement then turns to a way of creating necessary governance frameworks and cutting off future criminal markets before they become a bigger problem. The task at hand is to have the proper conversations and training so that officers are able to tackle the virtual problems of tomorrow.

More Interpol officers enjoying the Interpol Metaverse project

Interpol has also created an expert group on the metaverse to represent the concerns faced by many law enforcement divisions around the world with the goal to make the virtual world secure by design. Interpol has stated that crime has increasingly moved online as more projects and scams have been done on the net than in the physical world.

Interpol sees a possibility for growth in the metaverse as the technology can be used for various applications which include training, remote work, networking, collecting and preserving evidence, and education. More opportunities can be created for collaboration between law enforcement divisions enabling each police headquarters to share evidence and findings no matter the location.

As the Metaverse grows more and more companies and government entities will find ways to adopt the technology and use it to their benefit, web3 will eventually change the way we all see the world yet again.

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