Fat Phantom Wallet

Phantom secures a 1.2 billion dollar valuation

Phantom has become what some may call a “unicorn.” The crypto wallet that is created to work with the Solana blockchain exclusively has raised a value of $109 Million in funding during a Series B round. The wallet is currently valued at $1.2 Billion USD.

Paradigm was the leading funding investor with other investors like Andreessen Horowitz,Variant Fund, Jump Capital, DeFi Alliance, and Solana Ventures taking place in the round as well. The round was an equity funding round.

Currently this investment and the plans for it surround ideas for support across multiple blockchains. This could potentially mean support for other platforms such as Ethereum, Tezos, and more. The Ethereum integration is stated to be by the end of this year after the planned Android version of the Phantom app.

With that being said , the Phantom wallet app is live and those that want to experience it can go onto the app store and try it themselves. The wallet has seen excellent growth and use since its inception boasting 2 Million users that were active within the first half of year they began. In comparison Metamask took 4 years to obtain half of that number.

Phantom is focusing on streamlining the app and implementation and integration of the wallet, therefore making purchases and trades far more intuitive and easier to achieve. Brandon Millman the CEO of Phantom stated that there will be a “doubling down” on Solana and that bringing a “ world class onboarding and DApp discovering experience for users and media would be beneficial in accelerating the growth of the Web3 ecosystem of Solana.

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