A new high definition
personal space on Solana

We initially reported on a project that was quite interesting, a project named PORTALS. The project provided you with a space in which to hang up your NFT collection, play games, and converse with other members. The project is well received and has an outstandingly high floor which shows the value of the project as a whole. Now, let us imagine if the project were to be made using the Unreal Engine and provide you with an ultra-realistic looking area in which to share your NFT and even share videos in the metaverse? This is what Enviro promises and has plans to deliver.


What Is Enviro?


Enviro is a premium cross-chain, photorealistic and customizable virtual art gallery that exists in the metaverse, the plan is to provide an area where artists can display their work in their own virtual gallery. The project will not only provide space for 2D art but 3D, video, and audio NFTs as well. Currently, there are plans for the project to add music for artists to share their songs via the Soundsrare protocol. The project is solid and utilizes the Unreal engine to create a photorealistic effect for all of the rooms that are available. There are currently 3 tiers but each of those tiers is upgradeable via the use of tokens.


Upgrading your space


Owners of enviro NFTs will have the option to upgrade them to a higher tier.
To do this they will have to submit 2 same NFTs of the tier they wish to upgrade from and a certain number of $PRMS tokens to obtain an NFT of the higher tier. The upgraded NFT is received with randomized traits as if it were minted.

So for example:
2 x Tier 1 enviros + [25000] $PRMS = 1 x Tier 2 enviro
2 x Tier 2 enviros + [25000] $PRMS = 1 x Tier 3 enviro
2 x Tier 3 enviros + [25000] $PRMS = 1 x Tier 4 enviro and so on.

Once your enviro is consumed instead of being burned it goes right back into the smart contract and the price of the pass is based on a fair price of the tier 1 price. There isn’t really a need to upgrade your pass at the moment unless you are in need of certain tools that tier 1 does not provide. The project was made with even early adopters in mind. All tiers will have the ability to unlock full use of the room with the purchase of $PRMS tokens (price TBD).

List of utilities available per tier


Boxing Day

The mint has already come and gone but the secondary market on Magic Eden is live and ready for purchases, currently, the price is much lower than PORTALS and the utility that is promised far surpasses that of the aforementioned project. For those that are trying to find a way onto the metaverse, this is indeed a good start and at the current price, it’s a good project to look into and do your own research. There is clear indication that this project will probably have a very high floor in the future as well.

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